Italy and France house rules

  • Me and friend of mine have played with these house rules we came up with and it does add a bit of a refreshment to the game. since i own a few tokens thanks to HBG we decided to put them to use with this twist we made. we did our best to keep the game balanced and so far it has worked as the game is still playable and offers new tactics due to the introduction of new factions. anyways i figured i share it with the community and am open to all forms of criticism and more than happy if any other players use it or modify it, anyways enjoy 🙂

    Axis and Allies House Rules

    Italian Social Republic/ Italian Co-Belligerent Army- Whenever Rome is conquered by the Allies, Italy is split in two. The Italian Social Republic now replaces Italy during player turns. Its capital becomes northern Italy and is limited to only purchasing land units and can only build either one mech infantry or one tank a turn. During the purchase phase, Germany can lend the Italian Social Republic up to 5 IPCs (Germany supporting the ISR).  The ISR retains possession of any main land Europe territories it controls. The Italian Co-Belligerent Army becomes a separate faction that is played at the same time as Free France (see details below). Southern Italy is shared by both the ICBA and the Allied power that has captured Rome. The ICBA collects a fixed income of 3IPCs a turn and can only purchase infantry and artillery and can only place them in Rome. If Rome is retaken by the Axis, Italy is reinstated as a normal Axis power and reverts to normal.

    Vichy France/ Free France- Whenever Paris becomes captured by the Axis powers, all remaining French territories become Vichy territories. Only French units in other Allied territories remain and become Free French. Southern France becomes the capital of the Vichy government. Vichy France shares its turn with Germany and its income is separated from Germany’s (much like London and Calcutta). Vichy France can purchase all land units and is limited to only purchasing transport, submarines, destroyers and cruisers. Axis nations can pass through Vichy Territories as though they were friendly. When Vichy France is in play, Italy’s North African NO is changed to having at least one land unit in Morocco and Algeria and two in Tunisia. Vichy France is hostile to Allied powers and has a special combat phase when attacked. Only one round of combat takes placed between Vichy units and Allied units. All any surviving defending units immediately become Free French units and the territory is taken by the attacking Allied power. Vichy France has no combat phase and cannot participate in any offensive moves. Free France replaces France in player turn and it shares its turn with the Italian Co-Belligerent Army if it is active. Free France has no income but can place infantry units in Free French territories it controls equal to the territory’s IPC value during the Mobilize New Units phase.

  • I know this is an old topic - but if anyone around to answer have question regarding Italian forces outside of Italy - how do they align after Rome falls?

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    Can’t answer that… The Italian scenario seems a bit confusing.

    I do find the Vichy France/Free France idea very interesting and am going to see if there is any threads on that.

  • Here is an Italian rule (offset to Axis Vichy rule).

    Italian Co-Belligerent Army / Italian Social Republic

    ICBA is a pro-Allied Italian government created after Rome is captured.  At the same time, ISR, a remnant and a pro-Axis goverment of Mussolini’s regime is created and seated out of Northern Italy.  ICBA eligible territories are all Italian controlled territories, EXCEPT Northern Italy and Italian controlled territories with German units.  These territories are treated same as pro-Allied neutrals.  All other forces are part of the Italian Social Republic.  ISR becomes the new Italy and starts with 0 IPCs.  On the each ISR turn, they CAN get up to 5 IPCs from Germany.  For the ICBA, any movement is done after Vichy.
    **Procedure:  **
    After Rome is captured, the following happens:
    1. All ICBA forces (land/sea/air) standfast and defend against Axis attacks.  
    2. ICBA land forces can move during the non-combat phase.
    3. If an ICBA territory with units is occupied by Allied player, no new units are created, but any ICBA infantry units are converted to the occupying Allied power, and all others disband.    
    4. ISR units may move as normal.  ISR can be ordered to attack ICBA units.
    5. All ICBA units return to Axis if Rome is liberated.  ICBA cannot be re-created.
    (Optional: Any ICBA controlled Allied territories return to original owner, non-infantry units disband.)

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