RISK type game using A&A Anniversary board.

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    Hey everyone. Take a look at my setup below. Looks weird, huh? That’s because I came up with a new way to play. Well, not really new, but different.
    First, I write down all the names of all the territories on little pieces of paper and pile them together, with the exception of each nation’s capital. Each of the six nations starts with their original capital: USA = Eastern US, UK = United Kingdom, Japan = Japan, Germany = Germany, Russia = Russia + Archangel, Italy = Italy + Balkans.
    The reason I combined Russia and Archangel is to give the Russian capital access to the sea, plus it made the Russian capital worth 8 instead of 6. As for Italy and Balkans, I just wanted the Italian capital to be worth more than 6. This way no capital is worth less than 8.
    Next, I do the same thing with all the sea zones with the exception of any sea zone that has each country’s home fleet: USA = SZ 10, UK = SZ 2, Russia = SZ 4, Germany = SZ 5, Italy = SZ 14 and Japan = SZ 62.
    Now, for each country’s capital setup. Each country has their main force starting in their capital territory and is allotted the following:
    1 Major Industrial Complex
    1 AA Gun
    1 Strategic Bomber
    1 Tactical Bomber
    1 Fighter
    2 Tanks
    1 Artillery
    1 Mechanized Infantry
    5 Infantry
    Now for each country’s home fleet setup. Each country has a main home fleet in the sea zone next to their capital (as listed above).
    1 Aircraft Carrier with 1 fighter and 1 tactical bomber
    1 Battleship
    1 Cruiser
    2 Destroyers
    1 Submarine
    2 Transports
    Next each player rolls to see who goes first in placing the controlling infantry pieces.
    Now for the fun part. Each player takes turns drawing from the papers with territory names and places 1 infantry in whatever territory they draw, plus a control marker if it isn’t one of that country’s original territories. The first two will end up with 13 territories while the remaining four get 12 each. Do this until all territories are controlled.
    Next we do the same thing with all the sea zones. Each player draws a slip of paper with a sea zone on it and places a destroyer there. Five players will get 10 sea zones while the last player gets 9.
    We allow all players 13 infantry and 10 destroyers. The last 4 infantry and last destroyer will simply double up on any territory or sea zone of their choice.
    Now we move on to each player’s secondary armies and navies. Each player is allotted the following:
    5 Infantry
    2 Mechanized Infantry
    2 Artillery
    3 Tanks
    1 Fighter
    1 Battleship
    2 Cruisers
    2 Destroyers
    4 Submarines
    2 Transports
    Following the same turn order as above, players place one piece at a time until all pieces are placed on the board. Placement restrictions for secondary units are as follows:
    No land or air units may be placed with your capital army and no naval units may be placed with the home fleet.
    When placing land units, there can be no more than FIVE units per territory. This includes the original controlling infantry unit.
    When placing sea units, there can be no more than THREE ships per sea zone. This includes the original controlling destroyer unit.
    Roll dice again for turn order and start waging war.
    There are no alliances so if there is an enemy warship in your path, you must fight it. Also, in regards to the Suez Canal, YOU must own both Egypt and Trans-Jordan in order to pass through it. Neutral spaces are still untouchable but the Dardanelles is open to any sea traffic.
    You can build Minor ICs on any territory worth 2 IPCs or more but you can NOT build any new Major ICs. If you conquer an enemy capital, that Major IC stays a Major. That is the only way to acquire another Major IC.
    I’m not exactly sure how this random setup will work, but I’m anxious to find out. I am thinking of trying to figure out some type of NOs that would be compatible with this game. One idea is “X” IPCs for control of all your original territories, but that might be too hard for some countries (USA, Japan, England). Perhaps total control of continents like in RISK. Maybe I will just go by territorial income for the first game. If anyone has ideas that might work for NOs in this type of game, I’m listening.

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    Wow, that is a lot of pieces on the board, but it looks fun! 😄

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    Yeah, I know there is a lot of stuff there. For one thing, I wanted the chance to use some units that normally never get play (Russian battleship and carrier, Italian carrier). I wondered if I made the Capital Armies or Home Fleets a little too large, but I don’t think so. Anyway, we will find out soon.

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    Yeah, I know there is a lot of stuff there. For one thing, I wanted the chance to use some units that normally never get play (Russian battleship and carrier, Italian carrier). I wondered if I made the Capital Armies or Home Fleets a little too large, but I don’t think so. Anyway, we will find out soon.

    The main thing I like about your game, all territories can be a battle ground and every game is different because each country, in the next game, may not be controlled by the same country. That is what is cool about it. You could even do the same thing on the Global 1939 map, which would be awesome.

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    Oh yeah, but a LOT more territories and sea zones to contend with. Of course, that would mean a lot more units too. Don’t think I would want to include all the little countries, like Axis Minors, Allied Minors and Neutrals. Just keep it to the 6 main powers.

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    Yeah, I wouldn’t go beyond the 6 powers, unless you wanted to add the Anzac and the French. That might be OK, but it would be a longer game. It could be fun though.

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    I kind of like this idea. I do think you should include the neutrals in the set up though. And NO’s for controlling all of a certain continent would work for N America, S America, Africa, Europe and Australia. But Asia would have to be split up into different territories…something equitable for Japan and Russia.

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    I had a similar idea for my my big variant where that uses some historical and balance modifications. Basically there would be more than just an axis or allies alliance. The game starts in 1919 and carries on into the 21st century and has technological advancement stages and political rules. It has build-up/political rounds and at turn 20 i.e. 1939 the war starts WWII and doesn’t until either the Comitern, Nationalist, or Allied forces lose a super power’s capital. A cold war begins and limited warfare and second build up/political phase begins. The first superpower to make an aggressive action then starts World War III.

    Everyone will start out with exactly the same military forces but maintains thier sphere of influence and must choose their alignments and government styles.

    The game will be complicated but simple at the same time with most of the luck factor going towards combat.

    The US, UK, USSR, Germany, and Japan will be the five major superpowers. The USSR represents all communist aligned powers but may make alliances with either the Axis or Allies. France, Italy and Anzac may ally themselves with any major superpower except Anzac may never go to war against the U.K.

    All minors will play a role in the game too with limited but playable forces. Some will literally act as puppet-states to the superpowers.

    I would go on further but there are more details im working on and do not want to divert the thread from the original topic. Also my post is just part of a rough draft.

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