National Advantages for A&A Europe Version 1.2

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    My god Anderson… you like a soldier who lost his outfit and has been wondering around the eastern front and picked up by gestapo hiding in an old shed.

    AARHE was finished only recently, please download the rules and all the files and give us your assesment. Dont forget the 4 page AARHE: Lite and various other free games we created  ( AARME, Eastern Front, and others)

  • @ncscswitch:

    Alas as a simple Mod I cannot help you recover your previous log in info.

    However, if you send a PM to either Yanny or DJensen they should be able to give you the info you need to re-access your old ID.

    And welcome back…

    A PM? I can tell them whats in my mailbox from them and Impy that would verify that I am B. Andersson. Impy should by now be able to verify that. By the way can you give the email to either Yanny or DJensen. Someone of them actually gave me a login to change/update my house rules on my own, just before I went off line - behind enemy lines in Borneo. I have lost my old hotmail since than and would like to use a new one. 😛

  • I want to make a new PC game of A&A and need some guys to help. I will make a new topic for this. Who is in?

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    i can help with artwork.

  • Partisan Resistance
    When the Wehrmacht rolled into the Soviet Union in World War II, it got more than it bargained for. Soviet citizens fought fiercely against German occupiers, engaging in raids, sabotage, and intelligence gathering.
    You may end the battle after first round of combat when you attack, and stay in the same territory as the enemy. These units are locked in combat and can not move out of this territory before the opposing force is destroyed.

    This last NA would let a minor Russian infantry-corps attack a larger German panzer army, and if some russians survive, they can stay in this territory and lock the panzer-army in combat. There are historical reasons to back this rule up. Since most Russian territories had forests, swamps, mud, dirt-roads only, and a long cold winter, it was easy to bug down the German advance. Russian units would hide in the forest, let the German panzers through, and then close the gap and do ambush-attacks. Also the russian winter would kill more germans than the bullets. Half of the attackers would freeze to death, or be sick from frostbites and cold desies, just like Napoleons Grande Armee 100 years earlyer.

    Do you think this is a better NA than Rasputista or should I replace it with any other NA of Russia?

    With heavy rains the landscape changed in a blurry mess of mud where vehicles and men got stuck and were unable to advance.
    Once during the game in your collect income phase, you can declare a Rasputista. Until the start of your next turn, no combat movement for land units is allowed in any red territory.

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