USA sea movement while at peace in the pacific

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    I was playing TripleA last night and came across a contradiction in the rule notes.  The one rule says USA cannot MOVE through seazones containing axis controlled territories while the other rule says that USA cannot END its movement in such zones.  Which is it? Â

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    It cannot end the movement of its sea units in sea zones adjacent to Japanese-controlled territories while not at war with Japan.

    While not at war with Germany or Italy, the United States may end the movement of its sea units on the Europe map only in sea zones that are adjacent to U.S. territories, with the exception that warships (not transports) may also enter sea zone 102.

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    I’m not that familiar with AAA, but the rule book says:

    While it’s not at war with Japan, the United States may not move any units into or through China or end the movement of its sea units in sea zones that are adjacent to Japan-controlled territories.
    So, it seems to me that the US while neutral can move through sea zones with Axis controlled territories in them, they just can’t end their movement there. I’m guessing you are thinking about the Marianas Islands and trying to get from Wake Island to Guam, or visa versa.

    Ah, Krieghund beat me to the punch.

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    That’s exactly what I thought.  In the TripleA notes there is two sentences in different areas that contradict themselves.  From reading the OOB rules I agree it is that USA cannot END movement.

  • The rule book and what is said by play testers trump what AAA says.

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