Who gets US Money when one coast is captured if anyone?

  • I have a quick question that I need answered. If Japan captures Western USA, San Fransisco, do they get any of the US money? Or if Germany manages to capture Eastern USA, Washington DC, do they get the US money? Or do both capitals need to be captured and the one who captures the second capital gets the money? Or nobody gets the money and the US keeps producing in other factories, Central, Brazil if they have it, etc.

  • The capitol is Washington.
    San Francisco is just a victory city.

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    Unless you are playing Pacific 1940 by itself. Then San Francisco is considered the US Capital and if Japan manages to capture the Western United States, they will get to plunder the US treasury like if they captured any other capital.
    If you are playing Global 1940, then Noll is right. San Francisco becomes a Victory City and Washington DC is the US Capital.

    I like to use a house rule that provides a secondary capital for the US. Some people like to play it where if London gets captured by the Axis, then the British government transfers to Ottawa so Britain can keep fighting on. I like to do the same thing with the US, where if Washington is captured, the US Government transfers to San Francisco. You would think if the Axis managed to capture the Eastern US, the game would pretty much be over. However, if it was a very costly battle and the Axis barely managed to take it with just a couple of units left in the fight, America could get it back by launching an attack from the Western US.
    The US and England are the only ones I do that for. The other allies are too small to have a secondary capital. The Axis are dictatorships that would not likely want to spread their power to anywhere but the main seat of government. Russia, while technically an Ally, is really the same as the Axis politically, so they only get the single capital as well.

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    I agree with the sentiment that the UK and US should be able to relocate capitals. In fact, while it doesn’t have a VC, Central United States could also qualify as one since it has Chicago. It could always be added as a symbolic VC, since it won’t tilt the balance of a game unless Germany pulls off a once in a blue moon American invasion.

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