• this is the USA. the sleeping giant. the US is the economic power house. but its main land is the farthest away from the conflict. this gives the US some breathing room to build up its forces. even if just for a few turns. but if the US does not hurry the USSR may be in trouble. at first as the US you must decide who you want to go after first. if you choose japan you must build a strong navy. even though the japanese will take out the fleet in hawaii more than likly. make sure thair is an ac and two fighters on it. this is the best defeanse in my opinion of the game. then buy sever transpots, with infantry and tanks. once that happens in my opinion you must island hop. taking the islands of the pacific(even though they are not worth a lot). then take the main land asia. this will cut off the most ipc for the japanese. however if the japanese are growing rappidly go for main land asia first. take there ipc. however the island of the pacific will provide staging grounds for a possible invasion of america. if you want to go after germny you must build lots of offenseive units, and even more defeansive units. you have to build an occupation fleet. you can not win the war against germany without a foothold in europe. and that is not possible without a lot of defeansive units. that would be infantry and a few fighters. this will provide with an easing of the pressure of the USSR by germany. but allowes you to put offensive power there by the UK and by the US. in the end with will prove to much for germany.

  • It’s much more effective and timely to put the pressure on Germany through the well-known troop ferry, eventually crashing into WEu, or sending a transport to harrass/reclaim Afrika. A KJF strategy can work, but only with substantial coordination, and is more risky. (but that’s the fun of the game)

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