National Advantages and strategic implications

  • Hello there everyone,

    first time poster, long time reader 🙂

    I have the boardgame for a long time now, but just recently (1-2Years ago) stumbled upon the LHTR 2.0.
    Me and my flatmate play a lot of 1 on 1s and recently started to use the national advantages. Since we roll dice to determine wich ones each side is given, there is a great deal of variation during the first few turns.

    in the game we currently run the advantages are:

    Germany: everything but the divebombers
    Japan: Tokio Express(DDs are mini trns) and double BB att.

    Russia: Lend-Lease, Salvage and Russian Winter
    UK: Radar,
    US: Fast Carrier, mechInf and WarEco

    We play without bids but russia may not attack on R1. We use the ooB-Setup.
    Wether this is fair or not is not the purpose of this thread^^
    I play as the Allies.

    One glance at the advantages made clear: I have to start with a KGF basis. Germany hast stronger subs and the money-drain effect per sub. This can be really dangerous if unchecked in my experience. It levels out the playfield in terms of eco, or at least can do so if nothing is done.
    But the Japanese had the better battleships and I really dont like engaging those in battle.
    So I started R1 with a 5inf 1rt 1tank buy and positioned myself to make a push into WeRussia on R2. I retreated from the top provinces. I wanted to stand strong for the next rounds.
    But for Japan not to become to much of a threat, I wnated to keep them occupied in the pacific. I reasoned, that the japan-fleet is very strong if together, but if it splits i could defeat it with an acceptable amount of losses. So I wanted to stack Singkiang, unite the GB-pacific fleet in the south, use one british fighter to destroy the japan-sub in GB1 and land it to discourage Pearl. I wanted a lot of trns for europe, so there couldnt be any money blown away for the pacific in neither GB1 nor US1.

    My general strategic concept is to keep the japanese fleet pinned to Japan and start taking the lower Islands with GB OR ship units from Alaska to SovietFarEast if the south is defended; thus preventing the japs to get a good foothold on the continent. With the MechInf and Tanks I would shuck to Algeris with US and start marching the 4/4 stack towards the east, where the can flank Germany from below or go through India/Singkiang. Reinforcing this push with a factory in Singkiang and the british pumping Units to Scandinavia.

    My projections were that the japanese would start to build up some more fleet to be able to maintain at least two fleets and the germans being left alone and therefor crushed by russia with some support from GB (3inf/3tanks per turn) and the occasional fighter from the us and GB.
    If Germany should go landheavy in G1 i could easily swing the US forces to enforce Russia and if Germany starts with a carrier on G1 then I will have to commit more of the US fleet to the atlantic then anticipated, but it should be fine.

    The problem with this however is that there is no threat to Borneo or the Phillipines and Japan can therefore at some point start ignoring the fleet buildup and just defend sz60 and everything reachable from there and go landheavy.

    So basically, the strategy given this specific set of advantages should be for the allies:
    try to contain the Germans and start shifting the deadzones westwards with Russia and GB.
    use the pacific fleets to play cat-and-mouse with the japanese fleet. For this to work it is imperative, that the pacific fleets live for as long as possible, because as soon as the threat in the pacific drops, Japan will take Russia faster than GB+Russia will take out germany. (Since US fights japs only)
    The british never have to spend a cent into the pacific, because the troops that are there are quite sufficient if managd correctly.

    Well, at least in my opinion. 😄

    Do you guys have any thoughts on this? How would you try to play this specific scenario out?



    Edit: “I play Allies”

  • The only thing really wrong with that is that Japan is going to have its way on the mainland pretty easily I think. The 3 infantry and fighter that start in India isn’t exactly that much unless you build a factory in India. Japanese transports in my games tend to be the game enders because they can reinforce the mainland really well from Manchuria. Also, taking out Germany first will be difficult without the help of the United States. What is England doing in the Atlantic?

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