• A sweet, first Japanese move is to take Hawaii. First thing is to clear the waterway. Japan faces a fighter, aircraft carrier, jet and sub. Send your bomber & fighter from the homeland, your aircraft carrier (w/ it’s jet uninvolved), your sub, and a battleship. If you feel that more support is needed then leave the jet in the Caro waterway to hover and take the one from the Phillips`. Allow for casualties to include your sub, battleship and perhaps a jet (in that order).

    Now if your aircraft carrier isn`t still full you can send the one from Manch (although it isn’t usually needed), or you could use that jet hovering for the ampib assault. Land battle includes an ampib assault w/ 2 men (1 from jap & 1 from wake) and that last battleship.

  • A pretty good strategy for the standard “Assault-on-Hawaii” scenario, but you are aware that the BB you mentioned cannot be used in the attack this turn…right? BB’s can only utilize their “Bombard” ability if they are not involved in a naval battle that turn, and a BB cannot be voluntarily kept out of a battle it is present for…

    When I decide an attack on Hawaii is necessary I move 1 FTR from Phillippines, 1 BMR from Japan, 1 SUB, 1 BB, and 1 CV to Hawaii SZ, w/ a TR including 1 INF from Japan and 1 from Wake Isl. along w/ the FTR from the CV to attack the Island itself. Everything else is still available for an attack on mainland Asia. Keep in mind that the USA wants you DEAD and a massive force (coupled w/ taking the Island) is MOST NECESSARY to ensure success vs. a counterattack.


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  • Taking hawaii is a pointless waste of resources. I also use both of my battleships in the fight. That way you can deystroy the rest of the American fleet in the pacific

  • '10

    I’ll only go after Hawaii if the UK or Russia hasn’t landed any planes in range of the Sea of Japan. If that condition has been satisfied I’ll attack the Hawaii Seazone with 2 bb’s, carrier, bomber, fighter, submarine and attack Hawaii with 2 infantry and a fighter. I suppose if you are really feeling aggressive you could hold the sub out of the combat and on non-combat move it off the coast of Mexico to block the US Pacific Fleet…but I never do this…too risky if the dice go bad at Pearl.

    Such a move gives Japan some options and places pressure on the USA. USA must now defend Western USA from a possible attack…giving Germany a bit extra time. The optimal move on J2 is to take Australia from there you can hit New Zealand and take the Jap fleet into the Atlantic, take Brazil and put some more pressure on them USA guys.

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