What is Axis & Allies: D-Day?

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    I have not played this version yet. 😮

    Is it worth buying? How does it work?

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    Here are the major differences…

    1. The Turn order is determined by a sequential action of cards that give orders to one side or the other…

    2. There is no production… Instead Troops come in via a reinforcement chart that you roll for to determine what comes ashore (or from Rouen and Rennes)

    3. The Objective (for the Allies) is to seize 3 VC (Cherbourg, St. Lo, Caen) by turn nine and hold them for a turn… otherwise the Germans win…

    4. There is now a limit of 8 Land Units for one side or the other (so The Allies can only have 8 units in a zone and no more, the germans can not have any more either)…

    5. Allies can only have Aircraft… German Artillery are AA capable… The Germans now get Blockhouses that get to target Allied units coming ashore… Plus all German defends on 3 instead of the allied 2  😉

    6. Fortune Cards (optional) can give one side or the other an advantage brought on by bombings, shortages, Weather etc.

    7. Tactic Cards (optional) give a one time use advantage to one side or the other…

    8. Battles only last one cycle, so you have to be selective to not tie units down…

    here is the rulebook: http://www.wizards.com/avalonhill/rules/axisdday.pdf

    Overall it is more of a training game to teach the mechanic of fighting to new players imo… but it is a great short game… Although it can get boring with the same strats that usually get played… IF you want blockhouse pieces though get it…


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