• Too gamey?

    Used 2 Italian bombers to good effect in can-opening the Russian Front and effectively split the Northern Leningrad Regiment that was in retreat from Moscow’s.  Did it twice and cut the armies down which enabled Germany to sack Moscow.

  • I so the same it’s good to throw some
    Units into the mix Tanks,Mechs cause there’s nothing worse then losing a
    Bomber to 1 infantry on a shit 2 roll.

  • Oh, of course.  Yes, I used mech as the fodder to give my bombers a second shot in case I missed.  Granted I didn’t want to lose the bombers, but it was a fair trade if I did lose one to isolate the regiments.  If I am able to cut down one large stack before it became an IPC sink to shut down Russia turtling 70 units on Moscow, I’d happily trade the Italian bombers.

    I was just curious if anyone else thought it was a bit “gamey” to do it.  Chalking it up to the same level as a US/UK move to sack Denmark and then take an unguarded Berlin in a 1-2 punch.

  • No neither is gamey in my book, it’s part of the game that can lead to a victory (should be a 1 or 2 trick pony). Once your group see’s these moves, it’s up to your opponent to do something about it. Our group see’s a couple Italians at the Russian front often, which can help the Germans to push deeper into Russia. So if this is happening the Russians might need to picket with 2-3 inf in key territories, so you have a chance to kill off the Italian ground unit(s). A few Italians can allow you to sack some Russians, or simply bring your German air to the front so the Russians can’t strafe your German stack w/o air cover. Can also get you to Stalingrad or Caucasus faster, but often times it risks your German mech/tanks if the Russians see it and set up a counter. Sometimes Russia has to deal with a 3 ring circus if both Italy and Japan are knocking on the door w/Germany, it is up to the other Allies to even up the score. Even if Moscow falls, it’s all about what they can take with them, and if the western allies are in position to put the hurt on. Besides, if those Italian bombers are picking off Russians, they aren’t helping much in the Med (although the range allows them to threaten both theaters through the Black Sea).

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