• Who’s going to win the season opener. Pats are favored by 7 1/2 pts. I not only think they’ll win, but they’ll cover the spread (but not by much).

    Not that this season matters, since EVERYBODY KNOWS my beloved Chiefs are going to win it all. I’m surprised anybody’s even showing up to play, it’s so unfair.

    Pats 27 - Raiders 17

  • Magic, we are on the same page…Chiefs will go 14-2 this year 😄

  • After watching the first quarter and a half I can say both teams are sorry on D this year. And the Collins gets in too much of a hurry to move the ball down field without mistake, so take away the run from the Raiders and force his hand - should work in your favor most of the time.

  • the Raiders suck, and they will suck even more now that they have Randy Moss.

  • @marine36:

    the Raiders suck, and they will suck even more now that they have Randy Moss.

    If computers had hands, I would direct yours to strangle you, Marine.

  • I hate the Raiders, and I thought Collins looked his typical scattered self but lord did you see how often Moss got TRIPLE teams? Quick math - there are 11 people on each side of the line…

    1 QB
    2 RB
    5 O-Linemen
    3 WR’s

    to the Defense’s

    4 D Linemen
    3 LB’s
    2 CB’s
    2 Safety’s

    Now if 3 of the 4 people in your secondary are covering one person, that leaves 2 WR’s completely open to do as they please…I think no matter how bad their QB sucks with their already great WR’s Curry and Porter the addition of Moss will force subpar teams with no pass rush to play alot of nickle packages against da Raiders - which only opens up the field for play action draws to Jordan. Still…the Chiefs should prevail in both meetings this year 😄

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