• ok i’m thinking of buying another a&a game
    but i can’t decide which one, pacific, or europe

    the reason why i can’t decide is because i can barely find
    any info on the games and there are things that i don’t
    understand, like convoy, and other things
    can someone please explain them to me, or give me a site
    in which i can find a lot of info on these games


  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Hmm, this site should be that site. Noted improvement for the future.

    So to generalize Pacific is more about the Naval battles and Europe is more about the land battles.

    What do you like more, boats or tanks?

    Although I haven’t played it, D-Day is something very different.

  • Europe is a smaller scaled land based game. Lots of small provinces. Pacific’s scale is considerably bigger and deals primarily with naval and air power.

    I personally enjoy Pacific a lot. It has more strategy than Europe in my opinion. Both are great though.

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