The Great Wall Of Planes (and the Cherbourg lure)

  • I’ve got two great strats. that I discovered while playing a game of D-Day late one Saturday night.

    The Great Wall Of Planes -
    This uses three zones to block off axis reinforcements to Cherbourg. Starting with the zone containing Catz/Carentan, moves left to St Jores/LaPuits and ends in Portbail. You can stack two planes per zone (or variations) and slow any help to the top city. It gives you a buffer of 2 zones at least to help out with the north.
    And now for . . . …

    The Cherbourg lure  - 
    If the germans pull out of the city and group in Valognes for defense/attack positioning, they’ve made the fatal error. Quickly fly in a few planes to the city and another wave to wherever you want to move your (probably) US troops.  Now the Germans can’t deke back to the city and attacking your position would be tough too. You can now destroy those Cherbourg blockhouses before they’re ever defended or put to use. The Germans are now scrambling for options up top. Good luck !:  Those planes’ll getcha in the end.

    PS - Gambling on the “Allies Land” card would allow US troops to land in Montebourg, only two spots away from Cherbourg.
        - Gambling on the “Allies Land” card would allow US troops to avoid Omaha Beach (1 defender or 9 defenders)
        - Consider landing planes in Montebourg and gambling your “Allies Land” card. You’d have a great defensive spot.
        - Gambling results may vary.

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