Capturing ally lands.

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    When you liberate an allied territory that has lost its capital like France I understand you take control of that territory and gain the ICP’s for your country until the original country gains its capital back.  What happens if you move into a land that is French controlled and France has lost their capital. DO you gain control of it as well and the ICPs or is this only if take it back from the axis hence liberate?

    These are the rules from the manual

    If the original controller’s (the power whose territory
    you just liberated) capital is in enemy hands at the end
    of the turn in which you would otherwise have liberated
    the territory, you capture the territory instead. You adjust
    your national production level, and you can use any
    industrial complex, air base, and/or naval base there until
    the original controller’s capital is liberated. The capturing
    player can’t use these newly captured facilities until the
    player’s next turn.

  • Correct! If the teratory say Algeria was never taken by the axis and the Americans land thee it still stays French, and thus dosnt need Liberating but if France has fallen and then a Axis power takes it an you Liberate it the teratory becomes yours until you Liberate the Capital.

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    Thank you sir 🙂

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    ––Just to add to your answer a bit. ‘Kreighund’, the rules guy, basically said that in order to CONQUER an Allied teritory, there must be a ‘COMBAT’. What that in essence means is that the teritory must have been previously conquered by an Axis power.
    ----If the Allied territory still has the same ownership after having it’s Capital subjugated,…you are simply ‘Re-inforcing’ the territory for the current owner.

    Tall Paul"

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