Looking for a copy of A&A 50th Anniversary

  • Hello;
    I know they are rare but does anyone know where I can buy a copy of A&A 50th anniversary?

  • No thanks, I am looking for the actual game to add to my collection. Thanks anyway, I see them on eBay, I just hate dealing with all the BS fees associated with eBay transactions.

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    Yea man I think your best bet is eBay unfortunatly.  Check Craigslist too.  Last summer I saw a garage sale add saying they had AA games and I got 6 different games including a complete anniversary game for $7 each…can’t beat that 😄  You’d be suprised how much AA comes up on Craigslist.

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    I occasionally see them pop up on eBay for $250-$300. If you see one for. $200 or less. I say jump on it. Shipping cost is usually steep though. $25-$35 mostly.

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    , I just hate dealing with all the BS fees associated with eBay transactions.

    The only one who pays any EBay fees is the seller, so I’m not sure why you’re worried about that.

    Generally speaking unless you luck out, if you want to buy Anniversary, be prepared to pay through the nose for it.

    Great game, unfortunate pricing since it was a limited edition.

  • You think only the seller pays extra on ebay? Think again, you will pay top dollar for shipping and import costs if the seller is using the global shipping program and add to the the crappy exchange rate you get through paypal and then tell me there are no fees for a buyer. eBay/PayPal rip-off the seller and the buyer. Often a seller will set a higher price based on these fees too. Don’t agree? Just do the math on selling and buying a $100 item on ebay that is going to ship to Canada from the US. After fees and loss on the exchange the seller would recieve about $88.00 (USD) on a $100 sale through ebay and the global shipping program. The buyer will pay about $125-$135 (USD) depending on shipping weight etc. and then lose about another 3% @ current PayPal exchange rate vs. a bank. Bringing the total to about $140. The buyer pays $140 and the seller gets $88. The highly inflated $35 shipping cost (Global Shipping program) goes to Pitney Bowes Logistics (affiliated with eBay? you bet ya’!). eBay gouges the buyer and the seller, make no mistake.

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    Relax now … We sell (and buy) frequently on Ebay so we know how it all works except for the Global Shipping Program; No personal experience with that tbh.

    As far as Exchange Rates go it doesn’t matter where you buy from, you’re going to have the exchange rate if you’re buying outside of your set currency (either via paypal, credit card or your bank).  That’s an exchange issue, more than a fee issue.  Honestly, the paypal exchange rate isn’t any worse than my bank currently offers on my credit card.

    Sellers inflating the price to cover fees … well, that’s the seller inflating the price, not the buyer paying fees.  Some sellers will absorb the cost of the fees (such as we do), others will not.  When buying things like a board game from an individual on Ebay, chances are they have not taken the fees they will have to pay into account.  In the end, you may be paying the fees, but it comes from the sellers side, not the buyers.

    Let’s use a real world example (Our own sales via Ebay of Custom IPC’s) :
    Our set price (on ebay) of $49.95 + $9.95 shipping and handling

    You pay : $59.90 (exactly as you would through our online webstore, only with added ebay buyer protection) + exchange rate (if you’re paying in anything other than CAD)

    We pay : Cost of the product and packaging, $0-$3.95 additional Actual shipping cost, Ebay Seller Fees, Paypal Seller Fees.

    Out of that $59.90, ebay takes $5.99, paypal takes $2.04 and shipping can cost us $0-$5 more than we’ve charged.  That leaves us with  $36.92-$41.92 (less the cost of the product) on a $59.90 sale… but you’ve paid $59.90 (plus exchange rate if applicable), just as advertised when you added the product to your cart.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, really is that as a BUYER on Ebay, you pay exactly what you agree to pay (plus exchange if applicable) … no more, no less.  As a SELLER you get whatever price you asked for (or whatever your auction ended at) MINUS the fees associated.

    A long way to get to it but … sure, you MAY be paying the fees, in the end (depending on the seller) … but it’s already included in the price you agree to.  And, when it comes to Anniversary Edition, that price is going to be high no matter where you buy it from (unless you REALLY luck out like the poster above did at a garage sale).

  • Well, my experience is that eBay sucks for the buyer and the seller, you’ll never convince me otherwise unitl they get less greedy.
    The good news is…
    I found one. Kijiji! $100, still sealed in plastic. No eBay needed. thanks all

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    It all comes down to how bad you want something I guess.

    Last year, someone was selling a still sealed AA50 copy on CL for $75!  I just missed that one.

  • OP already found one, but just to chime in: The boardgamegeek marketplace is a good place for finding decent prices on games. That is where I found my A&A Anniversary Edition for $260 including shipping.

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  • I got a copy, just I am keeping it safe for now.

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