1940.2 Production, NO & Research Chart

  • I recently picked up the second edition of this game and have been looking for compatible resource charts, like Bob_A_Mickelson’s AAG40 Charts.  They were very nice.  I loved how the setup charts help detail everything out, since I only get to play a couple times a year.  Also, the production chart was very nice as it had the bonuses and tech board all built into one.  Does anyone know if there’s anything out there similar for the second edition?  Everything I’ve found so far are for older versions of the game.

  • Looks like Spirou is working on some great charts here http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=32112.msg1217270#msg1217270.  But they seem to have a couple errors.  What’s the protocol on fixing someone else’s work?  Should I try and contact him first, or should I just try and fix it on my own?

  • '14 Customizer

    What errors are you talking about? I double checked the setup and its correct for global.

  • It seems most of the errors are with the National Objective bonuses.  Below is a quote from that thread.  Also, France is missing from the turn order.



    Missed one NO for Germany: +5 IPCs for Axis control of the Caucasus.

    Also, on the Chinese NO symbol, I wondered why you didn’t have the crossed swords and the little Japanese symbol on that one.
    I also noticed none of your US NOs had any Axis symbols. The first and third US NO should have all three Axis symbols in them, the second and fourth should have just Japan’s symbol and the fifth should have Germany and Italy.

    thanks for the comment, I’ll add the missing NO.
    The chinese symbols: it correlates with how the NO is described in the rule-book, but you are actually right, it doesn’t really make sense
    The US symbols: seems like I forgot those, I’ll add those as well, as soon as I get to it

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    I just noticed that… I wish I would have seen that before I had them printed. 😞

  • OK I made a new chart here based off Bob_A_Mickelsons original chart for the first edition.  I had to make a few adjustments.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  If anyone sees any errors or has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.


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    Great Job.  Now I wish I would not have printed our the previous ones.  Thanks!!!

  • Glad you like it!  😄

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    I printed it out on 12 x 18 from Walmart Photo.  Looks awesome.  It will go nice with my 1100+ painted plastic figures. 🙂

  • Great job livpj11, I contacted Bob M around 6 months ago about doing the same modifications, but he forbid me from making any adjustments to his “creation”, modifications that he should have done but said he was to busy too. I later regretted even asking him, but I’m glad that someone has taken charge to make the 2nd edition changes needed to these charts. I am constantly helping people who want changes done to my custom map, and if I were to busy to do so… I sure as heck wouldn’t block someone from doing it themselves. Anyways… like I said, I’m just glad they got fixed, now all we need is for “Minor Threat” to fix the errors in his National Objectives deck, but like Bob M… he also went MIA. I propose that your updated charts replace Bob M’s sticky thread due to his charts misrepresenting the rules of 1940 Global. I see a problem with people using these files thinking that they are mistake free costing them a lot of money in printing fees just to find out later that they are wrong.

  • I’m just glad that others can use it. Bob’s charts were always my favorite. I’ve been thinking about redoing the setup charts as well. Would that be useful to anyone?

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