Question about complexes in china area.

  • Hey all….

    So can i build minors anywhere i want where there china logos? I know they have to have a 2 by them.
    Also can they be upgraded to majors as long as they are 3’s…

    Example shanghai. someone told me i cant make a major on land originially owned by the chinese…


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    That’s correct, Japan can only build a minor there. Korea is the only tt Japan can build a major on.

  • Wow thanks!! didnt know that…

    What about Kwangtung? Can i build a minor then upgrade to a major there?

    thanks again

  • Official Q&A

    General Veers is correct, but only if you’re playing by the 2nd Edition rules.  Under those rules, you may only build (or upgrade to) a major IC in a territory that is worth 3 or more IPCs and was originally controlled by you (has your emblem on it).

    However, if you’re playing by the 1st Edition rules, the only requirement for building a major IC is that the territory be worth 3 or more IPCs.  Under those rules, original control of the territory doesn’t matter.

  • Krieg, stop being so cool.

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