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    This has been harped on since it came out, but I have to ask again. Is there anyway that the western front territories can be made larger? It is really ridiculous. I am pretty young, but still have a hard time seeing what territory is what. Forget trying to know their values! The roundles they give you can’t be used, since they take up too much space. I HOPE this will be amended in the 2nd Edition. (we all know there will be another edition  :-)) In the meantime, is there a way to make the game at least better in the short run? If so, any help will be appreciated!

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  • Thx IM,
    Knew it was there someplace…… Hope in the second edition they cut Africa and blow up France and Germany. It really ticks me off…  😞

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    In my experience the game is only playable by replacing ALL land and air units with chips bar the single infantry atop each stack. Even then it can still get crowded with units of 4 or 5 nations sometimes piling into a small tt.

    So for me a future version needs a few more infantry each and drop all the other land unit minis; and a big pile of extra chips, a different colour for each unit type.

    More likely a second edition will feature something along the lines of task force cards & markers; AH is not going to admit to the redundancy of plastic minis. Blow up boxes are a no-no.

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