• hmm im curious but do u guys think this strategy would work? its bascially what the naval strategy on the site said.

    with 12 ipcs germany buys 1 transport in the Danish Sea and 1 artillery in Finland. 1st turn attack lennigrad through transports and with 2 art 2 inf and with 1 plane. attack baltic states with troops from poland. buy 2 transport and 2 destroyers and put it in danish sea! take out Britain’s navy! would that threaten both Russia and Britain and force both to take extra precautions? or is it just a useless waste of moeny? please let me know with ur response or if u have any suggestions!

  • I agree with your 12 IPC Bid (I did it once and it worked well) but not your build. Id rather build 1 Trn 1 DD + land units and put the navy in the Baltic along with the 2 other Trns. 3 Trn 1DD is big enuf to prevent a russian aerial attack (it will be out of range of UK ftrs if u control Leningrad). But even with 4 Trn u wont threaten London that much, with 4-6 inf 1 arm 1 art 2 bmb 3 ftrs + anything UK bought on UK1. So i think its useless. Personnaly I did the Trn + Art bid but only bought 1 DD, so it was enuf to protect my Trns, and it could transport a lot of troops in finland/Len.

  • a mobile army is a threat to every one. the germans must have this to win.the germans have a mass of land forces and a good number of subs in place at the start of the game. build their navy and become mobile: victory is yours. 😉

  • I built the same as Ashkayel, and captured London in the second turn…my friends will make sure that it won’'t happen again.  🙂

  • whenever i play as germany i always try to get the kriegsmarine rolling and set up for sea lion. establishing a solid flleet is my 1st priority

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    I Completly agree. I never play wiht bids, so the extra money would be nice, but yes build the kriegsmarine and go to sea. I do not know why but I almost always have a kill GB first mindset, Build A wall and ships, then send out the surface fleet. Now that this beatiful map by positronica has been created, I think the Axis Have a Pretty good chance at winning alot more games. Bids in my opinion are not needed for this one. It is no longer 2vs3 it is now 3vs3. Britain and america have a nice 1 two punch together for a long whileand in a few different games.  It is a nice site to see a Germany- Italy combo also.

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