• I’m looking for a site to play online either against others, AI, or hot seat. Also interested in where I might download the game to a PC

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    Welcome, Swede06!

    Try out GameTable Online.

  • Thanks for the prompt response. I have tried the free version playing against the AI. When I played the axis powers, the US never left the hemisphere, so it was relatively easy to win. When I played the Allies, Japan built many fighters that went no where except in circles. Sometimes the entire fleet, without a destroyer, would chase my sub all over the Pacific much like ducklings following their mother. The Japanese AI acutually sent planes to the bottom of the ocean becasue it would send them to a full carrier, hence, the planes had no place to land. I found no way to save the game, so played until the end which took several continuous hours. But I do thank you for the response.

  • In the header section of Axis and Allies there are tabs to play or download to play. When clicked, it takes me to a site that has games, but not Axis and Allies.

  • I suggest you download TripleA (there are turorials on the forums). You can play against the AI (like GTO I guess), hotseat and online. It rocks.

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