• common people. notes to the public. i know most of the strategy i use are not that popular. or a lot of them are not alwyse smart. but think about it. spice it up and play. if it works then do it. if it does not. take notes think and do something different. as well i make an attempt to encorperate the military training i have into the strategy i use. yes i am in the army. currently in iraq. the small free time i am alloted i try to take my mind off of the usual iraq day. so the strategy i do post might not be the best but it is good. as well as i will post some basic strategy for all of the countries. as in general rules that i find that are good to follow. thank you for your time

  • i think russia is the most influential country in the game, the game is usually decided if russia falls or not. if russia falls axis wins, if they hold on then the allies win its as simple as that

  • Yes, Russia is the key to how the game will end up, but I believe it is Japan’s and Germany’s influence that pushes Russia one way or another. The Axis set the tone for the game.

  • i’d have to say japan
    the reason is because if it wasn’t for japan the game would be
    over in just a couple of turns, 3 on 1 is just to easy
    but with japanese presence in the east russia will have to go
    defensively most of the time
    and if japan distracts the US, germany stands a much much better
    chance of defeating Russia, even with the help of the UK

    I personally like to play as japan, i get to do much more things
    with them, and if i succesfully get the attention of the US, especially
    in the early turns, then Germany can build more units and send them
    to Russia

  • i will have to say that germany is dictates the tempo of the game. cause if germany starts off strong, the allies are in a bind. this will put the axis in a slight lead early in the game. but if germany starts to hurt in the games start the axis is in trouble. germany is the muscle. if it gets strained then the axis will loose.

  • Japan

    If you have a noob japan player and they dont get key things done like conquering india, china, and some of the Russina territories, then Germany has to fight all three.

  • @Al:


    If you have a noob japan player and they dont get key things done like conquering india, china, and some of the Russina territories, then Germany has to fight all three.

    If you have a “noob” player playing any power and the other four are equally match the team with the “noob” player will lose. I think that all powers are important, and if neither “does their part”, the game is lost. By your logic, Russia would probably be the most useful I think, but it really doesn’t matter which country you pick. If they don’t do their part, things will be tough.

  • commonangle,
    Ain’t no comonpoeple heah!
    Expert playas until a mistake/bad roll…

    Russia= Defense buildnplay Allatime

    Germany= Early Offense N Africa & sz(sea zones)with Defbuild//Defense after with a gradual OffBuild. Germany must DEFEND against three as stated by another poster.

    United Kingdom=Defbuild N play to start//Offbuild afterUK sz protected by Defbuild

    Japan= Offbuild N Offense the whole game

    Uniter States=Defbuild N move to UK sz//after US1(or US2 if Germany squanders Luftwaffe on the combined UK/US fleet in the UK sz) Offbuild and supply UK sz for various invasions(by US4/5)

    Betcha cannot guess which is my pick for effect/variety?
    Need a hint? Think boldy!

  • I agree with AAF.

    Axis and Allies is a team effort - all players have to do their part. Without cooperation within the team, that side will likely lose.

    Now having said that, I think some positions are more important than others. For example, in baseball I would rather have a great pitcher and a poor center fielder than vice versa. Likewise in AnA, I think for the Allies, you above all, want Russia to be played well (UK and US are secondary as long as they try). For the Axis, I would say Germany needs to be played well. In both cases, if that country falls, its quite likely the game is over.

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