• So today will be my first game of Axis and Allies 1914, and I will be the allies. Only problem is that my friend has the board so it’s hard for me to study strategy before I get there, and I want to have at least a few strategic goals in mind when I first start. Got any tips for a first-timer (at 1914, im experienced with Revised and Global)? I know the new rules, just looking for strategy (ie what to focus on buying, where America and Britain should focus, etc.)

  • Russia be aggressive on the defense (build up in ukraine and counter attack the seperate Germans or Austrians, England 40% Europe 60% India France force germany to attack you. Italy take albania on the first turn and reinforce it concentrate at venice to hold back send french troops to piedmont to help the italians America build enough transports to move all your troops on the turn you are able and take spain

  • advance from india to constantinople. finished!

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    Like Frontovik says you should spend in India as the UK and try and knock them out of the war. Use Albania as a base; the French Colonial troops can be dropped there on F1.
    Buy tanks soon as you can and buy a Ft as France on F1, as you can use it and Germany takes two turns to get one in to the Western Front.
    Have fun.

  • Focus uk(india), all africa troops, french transport troops in med (must build transports), us trasnports, italian transports and russian troops to attack the turks. It’s good because as the CP power in the south falls you’ll have troops and transports mid-way and ready to swing and start a new attack on the next sucker.  Good luck  :evil:

  • With the allies time is on your side.
    USA will join you on turn 4 and once you get Africa under control you will be getting more income.
    You goal is to stall the central powers for time ealy on.

    The weak ally is Russia (and Italy),
    Russia needs to be played welll. Russia must countreattack sometimes and keep a sizeble army/threat up all off the time.
    Italy is weak but simple, you just put 100% vs Austria. Always. ALWAYS!

    UK has most options with a big fleet, trrops spread around and a factory also in India.
    If you focus on India Turkey will suffer and over time you can take Turkey out.
    France, if you stablize the front before Paris is the frontline, will become a powerhouse.

    Russia is way to weak for balancing purposes but otherwise teh Allies are doing fine.

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    If Germany sinks the UK fleet move every warship you can (including French) to the SZ off Wales and build a new one. This keeps enough UK units moving into France to stop Paris falling. The CPS simply cannot afford to match you in naval builds and cannot reinforce the western front as quickly as you can. When the enemy offence has ground to a halt build a large tank stack to finish him off.

    The UK units in India really need restricting to balance the game; my suggestion is a maximum of 4 units per turn, of which all but one must be infantry.

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