• I was thinking of maybe making an optional rule in which a player defending his/her capital gets some sort of combat bonus during the fight.
    Maybe getting a +1 to all his/her units’ defense? (not to be increased above 5) Possibly having this bonus only during the first or second round of combat? Any suggestions are welcome…

  • Definitely sounds like a possibility.

    However, then there’s the possibility that it would add to the already present problem of the old ‘Add X infantry to my capital stack’, prolonging the waiting game of capital grabbing.

    Potentially it could make the game drag out, in that case.

    Perhaps a defensive bonus would be appropriate, if it were to apply to a limited number of units. Such as, a +1 defensive bonus to a number of units equal to the IPC value of the territory? Half the IPC value of the territory?

    Or that activating the special homefield advantage cost a number of IPCs, in effect giving the player the option of using it, -or- adding more infantry, weighing the advantages of both, but not using both?

  • Well, in response to what you’ve said, that’s why I was thinking of only having that advantage on the first round. Sure, if your capital is stacked out with with like, 40 units total, then with the defensive boost you might expect to wipe out most of the attacking force, even on the first round (I mean, infantry defending on a 3? C’mon!) So yeah, maybe the rule should be:

    Whenever your capital gets attacked, you get a +1 defensive bonus to your infantry, up to a total equal to or less than the IPC value of the territory. This bonus only lasts through the first round of combat.

    Thanks for the input, man. 😉 It helps because I didn’t even realize how ridiculously powerful this ability could be! By the way, Hannibal, did you ever find my Traditional or Alternate thread?

  • Perhaps allowing dice rolls equal to the capitals IPC with a defense of 1. To represent the people taking up arms in defense. An extra 8 rolls at a one might not make much difference, but it’s just random enough that it could be a saving miracle.

  • Thanks, Boot. I will try that one next time.

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