Average number of rounds per game?

  • Hey guys, just wondering how long everyone’s games are taking round wise.  We usually are calling our games before round 12 or so but just came off an epic Axis win that lasted 26 rounds.  I’m starting to wonder if the axis are throwing in the towel a little early.  Thoughts?

  • Did you play with the tournament rules? I don’t think it will take that long if you do.

  • Non tourny rules.  We play mostly OOB rules with a couple of small house rules.

  • Most After action reports i see have the CPs surrender at around turn 6-9.

    I don’t know how that happens. Every time my group plays they always end up just stopping the game at round 17.

  • jup had an epic CP win after 20 rounds or so( was with tha allies and must say we were quite surprised 😛 after about 5 allied wins in a row) but it got our group thinking that the CP had twrown the towel in to soon

    russian revolution a turn 9-10, superb job of playing a cat and mouse game on the western front and a decent naval stratagy all contributed to the allied defeat, also for some reason johny turk seemed to be a juggernaut after a few round of decent play despite the fact that britain was hurling considerable amount of ipc’s towards it. so yeah i really don’t think the CP are in such a bad way (we play OOB with german bid of 3 INF in berlin)

  • we must not play right or just have different playing styles but the CP for us usually win, i played a game where my ally germany built  transports on the first turn and took Norway, and sweden. I was Austria and fuming so i said screw it and went full bore into italy and russia by the time he finished his norwegian expedition i had no infantry or artillery left. The entire German army was intact we eventually won because of that extra production and i had driven the italians and russians far enough back he was able to wipe the french off the board. Now whenever he does something stupid i say yeah like take norway, it gives us a good chuckle but we usually have a winner by turn 7 or 8 and it is about 60/40 Allies vs central.

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