• If you’re playing a game where it’s every nation for themselves, who is in the best condition at the start?

  • I vote US. They’re not in any immediate threat, can invade UK territories pretty easily 😃

  • The US – it is impossible for any country to attack them without a navy. If Japan wants to attack the US with a sizeable force, it’s going to take at least three turns, and the US can easily defend, making such action unreasonable. Meanwhile, the US can take the Canadian territories pretty easily from the British, move all their navy into the Atlantic, and go into Africa, possibly with an IC in Brazil. The British will slowly have their IPCs taken away by the Japanese in Asia and the Southeast Pacific, and should pose no threat to the US’s landgrabbing in Africa. The US is better positioned to exploit Africa than the Germans, who have to concentrate their IPCs on Russia, while the US has no country to attack it via land. For the Japanese, it would be unreasonable to think of attacking the US when such an attack is doomed to failure, and there are many poorly defended territories in Asia for Japan to exploit. Germany will be focusing its efforts mostly on Russia, and possibly Britain. However, they cannot build a sizeable navy for a couple of turns, by which time the US navy will dwarf its German counterpart, and stop any action in Africa. Once Germany and Japan destroy Russia, they will start fighting amongst themselves, while the US can just wait until the most oppurtune moment to strike.

  • ok,if free for is played(even though i havent played it), i suppose us is gonna win.i would have to say that the next one is ger and jap closely after.to my opinion uk is doomed and in a worse fate than the ussr since it will watch all her land being taken away without being able to do anuthing.russia is a mystery…maybe ive misjudged it but i dont htink it will survive more than japan.
    so the natural order is


    personally i would take ger cause i believe that with the uk ger can easily stand losing africa and therefore in long term fight us eventually!and if uk is alone it is a sitting duck!!for all other countries-party on its corpse and teritories! 😄

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