About to Play my First Game of AA Anny!

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    This Sunday will be the first time I get to break out the AA50 and give it a go!  I’ve read a lot of posts that this might be the best version of AA to play and I’m so excited. After playing countless games of '84, Europe, Pacific, and Revised, I hope I’m up for the challange.  Lucky for me I get to go up against a softballer like Variable so this should be a slam dunk for me, haha.

    Looking forward to rolling lots of ones and twos!  See you Sunday V!

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    Enjoy it.
    I love Anniversary

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    HT1… You sonnofabitch!  😄 😄 Been dreaming about this game for a while my friend. Despite the piles of HBG plastic at my house, I have reorganized my AA50 game into the finest that WOTC has to offer! I have taken all the best plastic and paper and put into one box. Thankfully I have piles of HBG plastic at my house so I can play G40 and GW39. See you on the battlefield! No doubt pics and AARs to follow.

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