• I don’t deny the value of infantry. Let it be noted that infantry may not be the most bad-a** attacker or defender, but their value in any combat is not to be underestimated. They may be cannon-fodder, but cannon-fodder that can shoot back! (I believe it was theduke who made that point.) So they don’t just serve as bullet-sponges, they actually deal out damage too. (Maybe not as much as other units, but who cares? As long as your more expensive units get spared, than they have served their main purpose.) And remember, “overall value” doesn’t mean “ability to get out of a fight, or if not, take someone with you.” It should mean “ability to contribute to the glory of their nation, bringing them to ultimate victory.” So, even if they die, even if they don’t take anyone with them, just honor them as heroes, hope for better rolls, and thank them for soaking up a hit that could have taken out a tank or something.

    I was once dismayed by the fact that my topic turned into a huge debate, but now, I find it very interesting. I voted for fighters, just because I love 'em. But I will easily buy a metric a**-ton of infantry during any game I play, compared to any other unit. Whatever tactics you use, may they work for you! And if not, then maybe it’s time to change up your strategy a bit, no?

    AgentOrange out. 😎

  • “ability to contribute to the glory of their nation, bringing them to ultimate victory.”

    If this is the definition of valut then I will have to agree that infantry wins.

    And Duke, Feld is for the german version of Field marchal.

  • Strange… I’ve noticed that barely any replies were for naval units. Is everyone here all about land war? :-?

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    That is one of the problems with the naval aspect of this game… it is way too abstracted and totally takes a side path to the game.

  • Good point Imperious. 😎

  • Yes, but a well-maintained Navy will bring swift victory––

    In fact, how do you intend to take island capitals without boats? And how do you intend to protect those boats from air attack without carriers and fighters? And how do you intend to prevent sub warfare without destroyers? It seems all these are necessary conditions, and I therefore don’t see how one can write-off the importance of Naval superiority in this game so easily…

  • I agree about Naval futility (if it’s fair to call it that) simply because the game is won primarily by land forces. Maybe a navy doesn’t have as much pull as it could. But it just feels good, a symbol of power if you will, to have a strong navy. What are the marshalling cards used for? I’ve only seen one example where marshalling cards were used to represent land forces (justus you know what I’m talking about) and that was when a combined Russo-German force was occupying Persia, about to sweep through Southeast Asia. That was a great game, one I’ll always remember. But yes, in that game, when it came to navies, I (Japan) was supreme, at least for most of the game. (one of the reasons I love the Japs) :x

  • I’m making a new thread, and I’m calling it “Favorite Naval Unit.”

    AgentOrange out.

  • I think tanks are the best. They have the same A/D/M as desrtoyers but cost 7 ipc’s less. I wish you could have more.

  • @Imperious:

    Ok so your actually saying that when your Japan USA or UK your buying more of any other unit besides infantry? your buying more Tanks than infantry? more fighters than infantry? more transports than infantry? more battleships than infantry? more subs than infantry? please tell us how its possible to win this way… I need to know state the nation your playing what the basic build structure is …etc. I have never seen anything like this before. Does this work for 2nd edition too? aa europe? aa Pacific? or just revised?

    Depends on when and who leader. I’m not going to buy hardly any (if any at all) infantry of the first turn with US/UK. What’s the point? I need units that will protect my ships so I can get my land forces into the battle. If the US goes into the Pacific it is the same kind of deal. You don’t need an overwhelming amount of ground forces to take out those islands. But you will need a large Navy to get to the islands. Eventualy the game is won by ground forces, specificaly infantry. But I have been beaten in the old game when America bought nothing but bombers from turn 1 on. I had Moscow and africa, but could not place a unit.

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    Of course thats true but the question is what ONE unit seems to show up in the builds more than any other regardless of the purpose. The value of this “MVP” should be assigned to what you buy the most of in general. If a fighter was the most value, then id expect money to be spend on it in excess of what was spent on any other unit. In battle the Infantry allways wins against an equal “cost” against any other unit.It has to be MVP of the game.

  • I think I was aiming for something more like this: Look at every unit in a stand-alone context. Forget about the game and what each sides’ goals are, or how much money each side begins with. NOW look at each unit and decide which one is the best, in your opinion, based on atk/def, movement, cost, and whatever abilities it has, if any. So… Which unit would you choose now? I stand by my original vote of fighters. :x

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    OK hmm. But a fighter cost alot to get that 3/4/4 stat. Id rather have 4 infantry together getting 4/8/1 and 4 hits to your one hit…I understand that a plane can attack ships and infantry cant, but Planes cant control territories and planes cant take victory centers.

  • I’m putting it more on a one-to-one basis. I just like fighters because they’re very mobile, as well as good attackers, and excellent defenders.
    And I don’t see how you’re saying that four Inf. are worth 4/8/1, either. There may be four of them, but they are all still only worth 1/2/1. Now, I can’t argue that infantry are necessary, to say the least. But to have say, ten infantry backed by five tanks and two fighters makes for a very balanced force, on offense OR defense. However, I will back your point by saying that only once in a blue moon will I not spend my hard-earned IPCs on at least one infantry. They are A&A’s bread-and-butter!

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    Yes good points but im just looking at the cost basis per IPC spent to choose the best unit in terms of value “per point” but also looking at number of hits and bonus say from supporting artillery. That makes Infantry the bread and butter, but also the most frequently bought unit. If i buy more planes in the game than infantry i will probably lose a quick game. So i feel Infantry is by far the “go to” unit of purchase but not necessarily my favorite unit. I prefer the tank which has a lot more “glammer” then a boring infantry.

  • Hey man, I love tanks too. Without tanks, I think land wars would get stale and boring pretty quick. But we’ve come across another problem; Sure, fighters are pretty expensive, but at the sacrifice of some more IPCs, you get increased combat and movement values.

    So, an equation that describes this might be:

    Greater cost = Greater power

    That might be stretching it, but all I’m saying is that ya gotta pay a little more for the good stuff, otherwise your forces will not pack enough of a punch to defeat the enemy, yes?

  • …and I’m still wondering why people marked “This question is stupid” but didn’t bother to explain why.  C’mon, people, don’t be shy!  :lol:

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    A fighter moves 2 extra spaces and has one extra defense point. All that for the investment of 5-7 IPC depending on which game you play. Not a good ROI if you ask me. Tanks are a good deal better than fighters, plus they can blitz and occupy and control territories. The “stupid question” people believe Infantry is the best unit… and their right!

  • IPC for IPC the best unit is infantry

  • One other reason I like fighters is because they make navies much more practical.  One of the navy’s main purposes (in my opinion) is to hold key strategic positions in the sea.  If you have, say, two carriers sitting in a sea zone, you can fly fighters in there to help hold that zone, or fly 'em out to help reinforce somewhere else.  Basically, fighters are mainly defensive units that can help out on land or at sea, and whose defensive value is great (outstanding with jet power!)

  • I removed all the votes for naval units, because they didn’t apply.  To all those who voted for a naval unit, you’ll find a new post called “Favorite Naval Unit?”  And if you will, maybe change your vote to a land unit?

  • May I point out that for some countries there is no best unit, even mathematically, for instance for Japan, Britain and America what good is the fighter if it can’t take territories, or the infantry if it can’t get there?, or for Russia if you favor one unit there is no way that germany will not win because you just simply don’t have the economic ability to produce enough good units and germany is to good for you to mainly produce bad ones.  Also germany on the other hand has the ability to produce a decent amount of good units, but it by it’s self even when it conquers all of Asia doesn’t take enough victory cities to win.  So as you can see there is no “best unit”.  And as for favorite what good is a favorite if it cannot do anything really? So all in all this is a stupid question.

  • My favorite unit is the artillery. I like it because I think it’s vastly underrated and many players ignore it entirely. It’s not easy to figure out when to purchase it for them I guess. In many ways situations it is superior to the tank and the infantry. I think the Germans should purchase a fair amount of them when they go to fight the Russians. I think the Germans have the right amount of artillery when they can Panzerblitz the Russians and still have about a 1-to-1 infantry/tank ratio after the first round of combat. I know many people think the tank is far better since it is faster, has a better defense and a better attack for just one more IPC. While all this is true I think for the Germans especially that artillery are better. Every turn you hit them with a new wave of infantry and artillery and grind them down. You get four attack factors for just 7 IPC’s by buying an artillery and an infantry. Costs 8 with a tank and an infantry. I like to buy the tanks later on when the Russians are ground down a bit. The tanks arrive fast and hit them hard to turn the tide of the battle (dice willing) sharply in your favor.

  • You make good points td, but I can’t imagine why your players don’t care for arties.  Not to sound like a hypocrite, because I voted for fighters, but artillery are a very good piece.  You’re right; Germany could use more of them, especially if they have the Fortress Europe NA  😉 but as an average, I think it prudent to buy artillery and infantry on a one-to-one basis. (at least when building an attack force)

  • since i buy most inf i guess thats my fav unit?

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