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Is this legal?

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    I have a question.  Suppose on round 1 Japan puts it fleet in z36 and unloads its transports to Kwangsi.  On UK’s turn they move a destroyer into that same sea zone.  UK and Japan are not at war.  On ANZAC’s turn they declare war on Japan, making it a hostile sea zone.  Now my question is, can Japan load its transports in combat move phase on turn 2?

  • No, Japan cannot load because it started the turn at war with the UK and those units therefore started in a hostile territory.

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  • The side bar on page #12 (Europe 1940 2nd edition) seems to back that up (pretty cool loop hole?).

    From page #39 of the Europe 1940 2nd edition rule book (Anzac Political Situation) we know that when Anzac declares war on Japan, the UK is also immediately at war w/Japan (they are linked as one politically). So when Japans turn starts (in the above scenario) Japan is already at war with both UK & Anz (was reciprocated). If the Japanese units are on land (Kwangsi), they can’t load during Japans combat move phase with a UK surface warship in sz 36 (they of course could have been left on the transports though).

    The side bar on page#12 that would allow the Japanese transports to load refers to if Japan had declared war on the Brits/Anz on Japans turn (I believe), but not if they are already at war when their turn starts.

    The rule says
    " During your Combat Move phase in which you entered into a state of war, your transports……"

    Japan entered into a state of war on Anz turn (with both Anz & UK), and not on its own Combat Move phase, so this exception wouldn’t apply.

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    So the big thing is if you are doing an India crush, don’t unload your troops; leave them on the ships.

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    my life isn’t that exciting.

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    "Smoking crack while drinking a highball and driving 110 MPH in a stolen car backwards the wrong way down a one way street while two underage girls are in the backseat making a porno and a family of Mexicans are in the trunk trying to evade the boarder patrol.

    Is this legal?"

    I can see some possibilities for you here.

    Cocaine is a schedule II controlled substance in the US, so you could be using it for medicinal reasons. Some effort would need to be made to find a physician making a sworn statement that the way you’re administering it is part of an experimental protocol that constitutes your last chance at survival, but that should be doable.
    The highball shouldn’t be a big problem if you didn’t drink much of it yet.
    Driving a car backwards the wrong way is similar to driving it forwards the right way, but with a negative velocity. That explanation also negates any accusation of speeding.
    You may not have been aware that the car was stolen.
    The definition of ‘underage’ varies per state and per country, so you may have been trying to prevent a crime by quickly transporting the girls to an area where they would not be underage.
    It’s not illegal for the Mexican family to try and evade the border patrol as long as they’re not actually trying to cross the border.

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