Which would you play?

  • When I announce dates for our monthly games, we sometimes get 7 players who wish to attend.

    I’m curious to find out if you think playing ANZAC/China/France together is just as viable an option as playing just Italy.

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    I’d like ANZAC, China France simply because I get more opportunity to play.

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    China, France and Anzac means you get a lot of play, but I am Italian, so would take them every day.
    Would seem wrong(treachery) not to!

  • I guess we’re learning that playing the 3 minors ain’t much worst than playing just Italy.

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    Well I personally would like to play as France from 1939 just before the war. I’d love a 1939 AAG set up.

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    I guess we’re learning that playing the 3 minors ain’t much worst than playing just Italy.

    And no one would go home without playing.

  • I can’t really decide.  All are important.  Good cautious but opportunistic China play can give Japan something to worry about.  France can frustrate the Axis in various small ways early on if things go right for the Allies or the Axis makes a mistake/gets bad rolls.  Anzac has some potential to sneak something in against Japan or at least garner some of its attention when it might be best focused elsewhere.

    On the other hand, Italy has some potential to contribute to the Axis effort if it can get a little momentum.  The Med makes for some interesting match ups.  Of course, Italy can get bottled up with little income and various forces breathing down its neck…that’s not much fun.  Italy has the most potential, but gets fewer turns to play…

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    As vulnerable as Italy is to the UK first and then the US at least you can fall back on big brother Germany for some protection. Plus it can become a monster with NOs if things shake well.

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    i would say getting Italy up and running is a lot more fun that having ANZAC with a lot of money; that usually means Japan is on its last legs anyway.

  • WOW!… tied at 11,

    Is it time to start advertising G40 as a 7 player game?

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    Sometimes playing Italy sucks when the Brits decide to get rough with them. If Germany doesn’t totally shut the Royal Navy down, UK can pretty much wipe out the Italian Navy, eliminate all Italian presence in Africa and keep them cornered on the “boot”.
    However, I have seen games where Italy was more or less ignored after the first couple of rounds or so. They manage to get a couple of transports (either from their starting navy or purchased later) to get a few units over to Africa and take the French territories then slowly move toward Egypt. With the UK busy with Germany and US with Japan, Italy almost “sneaks up” on Egypt. Then next thing you know, Italy rules all of Africa and the Middle East and starts to poke it’s head out into the Atlantic.
    I remember one game where Italy actually took down Calcutta.

  • Both options contain oportunities to comand several forces as the game progresses.

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