• I was trying to see what people like. Do you play with a Bid, a NA, both or neither?

  • NA can be fun. Especially lend lease for Russia and Super Fortress for the U.S.

  • I think NAs are no fun, they are too imbalanced and some of them are really cheap; especially the two mentioned above.

    edit: “Oh, cool, I got lend-lease, so I can’t lose anymore. Do you want to give up immediately?”

  • I’ve only ever played games live, so I’ve never done a bid game. National Advantages I’ve not yet used either, I’d like to keep things balanced, so much more thought and research into each one would be needed.

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    Flim you can do a bid in a live game…

    check this out for explanation



  • A good thing is to throw ramdomly one NA and then, BID. So if the allies have Lend lease, colonial garnison, and superfortresses, and the axis have kaiten torpedo and dive bomber… the bid will be really high:

    Winning bid 24 IPC ! I put 3 trannies in the baltic ! Sealion ! you’re dead , I win, lest start another game !

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