Battle of Tennessee Axis & Allies Tournament

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    Please join us for The Battle of Tennessee AXIS & ALLIES Tournament.

    TIME:  The weekend after the Superbowl; Friday, February 7, 2014 (5PM Central) through Sunday, February 9, 2014 (1PM Central).

    PLACE:  Lakeside Resort and Educational Complex, 358 Relax Drive, Smithville, TN  37166  Phone:  888-839-4799 or e-mail: info[at]lakesideresort [dot]com You may visit their website at


    • $79 first night; second night-free (without a lakeview)

    • $84 first night; second night free (with a lakeview)

    • Cabins are also available at various rates[/il]

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    For it to be a success, you need to post alot of pictures and some battle reports.

  • 2018 2017 '16

    So far we have about 10 verbal RSVP’s. We were at GenCon and gathered a number of emails from players. We hope to make it an annual event.

    We’ll certainly post pictures and keep you guys updated!

  • 2018 2017 '16

    As of today we have a total of 13 RSVP’s, 5 maybe’s and another 3 confirmed by phone.

    We are looking forward to paling next month.

    If you are interested, please let me know and I’ll send you the details.

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    Thanks for contacting us.  FMG will gladly support this Event by sending along a game for your Library and some prizes.

    I can tell you from experience (FMGC), that starting and keeping a CON going is not easy.  You need to create a website, or HOME for your event so we can spread the word.

    There is an amazing AAA community out there and I am sure you will have a great time.


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    Looks like your Event just got a huge BUMP.  It is on the FRONT PAGE

  • 2018 2017 '16

    Thank you David! And Thank you Jeremy at Field Marshall Games and Doug at Historical Board Gaming for your support in getting this event off to a great start!

    As of now we are up to 20 attendees. It should be a great weekend.

    I’ll be sure to post pictures of the event.

    Thanks Again!

  • 2018 2017 '16

    As promised here is a recap of our event with pictures:

    I’ve posted photos from our event to our local Meetup Group’s page.

    We had a total of 14 attend. A few of those that RSVP’ed were unable to make it. 1 drove from Michigan and another from Indiana. Everyone else was from Tennessee and Kentucky.

    We had 4 teams playing Global 1942 and 2 playing 1942. We also had a few side games of 1914.

    We had a drawing for prizes. Everyone walked away with something thanks to our gracious sponsors, Historical Board Gaming and Field Marshall Games. Pictures of the prizes are on the meetup page. The Grand prize was a German WWII helmet provided by the event organizer, Luke Collins.  Most everyone that attended played at GenCon or some other gaming conference previously. But there were a handful of guys who had never played in a conference setting before. As you guys know it’s not always easy to find gaming partners. One guy hadn’t played in nearly a decade but is an avid reader of Another guy owns most of the games but hasn’t played anyone other than himself since Global was first released.

    Everyone had a great time and appreciated the fellowship of like minded gamers.

    We plan to have this again next year. I hope more of you guys can come.

  • You let Jake in the door???

    You poor bastards!!! 😉 :lol:

  • 2018 2017 '16

    I’ve known Jake for the last few years. I met him at Spring Gathering in Cincinnati back in 2012.

    He’s a great competitor.

    He actually drove all the way down from Michigan for the event.

  • I’m happy to say fine things about Jake because the last three times I’ve played him in Global 1942 he has called it in our favor.  😄 😉

    He is a great guy and gave me lift back to Indiana after the Battle of the Tennessee.

    Overall, it was a great event and should be positioned to grow in the coming years. I will be back!

  • Jake is great, but I rarely get to hang with him.  He lives only an hour away but I only see him at Origins and Spring Gathering.

    ID- Where in my great home state of Indiana are you from?  I was born in Fort Wayne, but grew up in Michigan.

    I forget that Nashville is more west than I think that it is.  We used to drive through there all the time on the way to Florida when I was a kid.  It was the preferred path from the west side of the state (69,65,24,75).  The east side types take 75 south all the way and that means going through Knoxville.  Scarier drive.

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    Thanks for the pictures!  Glad it went well.  Now that you have one behind you, they will get bigger each year.



  • I live in Southern WV. My friends and just started playing A&A. We will be attending this for sure next year. We have only played twice so far (The last two Saturdays) and have fallen in love with the game. I’ve spent around $150 on FMG since the first game lol.

    If anyone plays Risk we will be having a tournament in the coming months. We have trophies that were made at K2.  I’d like to have an A&A tournament once I am more familiar.

    Keith Noe

  • 2018 2017 '16

    Welcome to the game! I hope you can attend next year. We’ve discussed having an event this fall as well. We have a group of guys from Kentucky and East Tennessee that come that might not be too far away depending on where you live in WV. Please join my Meetup Group to stay up to date.

    Also, you may want to edit your email out of the previous post otherwise spammers can pick it up.

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