Revised modifications for easier play, "block stategy"

  • Greetings All,

    I am a newbie and have gone through most of the forum posts over the past few days. Let me start by saying thanks to all who answer the questions so there is a lot of info to read. I am a FMF Navy Corpsman who has been playing since teen years in early 90s. I started with 1st Edition and bought Revised several years ago to play with my sons. I recently pulled it out to teach my nephews who are ten and fourteen.

    Game modifications we made to make it easier and faster:

    Inf moves two, arm three, all ships move four, eliminated art, added heavy tanks instead of rockets on WD. We changed cost of inf, trn, sub + AAA to 1: arm, fgt, des to 2, bmb, AC, BB, and IC to 3. We switched bomber and transport defense to two and transport attack to one. Â

    They took Allies and I took Axis. I used Jpn to set up a sea blockade using SZ 60, Phil (sz49), and continued around to India through EIND and Borneo (sz48) with an IC on Borneo and Kwan. Jpn currently has Midway as well.

    I had Germany take SZ 2 and form a blockade with sz 6,7,8, to ward off attacks to WEUR. I killed UK with Sealion attack supported by heavy bombers and long range aircraft. � We are into round six with Russia surrounded and German naval forces ready to attack ECAN or EUS from UK with minimal opposition.

    Looking for thoughts, suggestions, ideas?

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