Cardinal Wolsey died today in 1530 and Henry steals his palace

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    Today, the 29th November,  in 1530 died Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. He  had grown to be England’s second most powerful man after  King Henry VIII.
    He had born to an Ipswich butcher and cattle dealer. It was quite a climb for such a lowly man who was short and fat. His pride, vanity and arrogance were legendary.  He did possess an excellent mind and was able to put it to good use as an administrator. Combined with his enormous ambition this one talent would see him rule England in Henry’s name for 20 years.
    He died today rather fortuitously as he was facing charges of high treason. His real crime was being unable to give his King the divorce he had craved since he had fallen in love with Ann Boleyn. He was unlucky in that Henry’s Queen was the aunt of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V of Spain. His pressure on the Pope ensured Henry was never going to get his marriage annulled.
    So it was that Wolsey died at Leicester while on his way to trial in London. He was 55.
    Henry took his beautiful palace of Hampton Court (staffed by 400 servants) inSurrey and made it his own.
    It is a remarkably well kept palace, which sees millions of visitors a year

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    Always enjoy your posts wittmann. I am an amateur fan of Tudor history. This was really a good one.

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    Thank you Tolblerone. Would you believe most of my Tudor history has been learnt since school? I last studied the Tudors  when I was 13 or 14.
    The last two years of school history I was on a pilot scheme which introduced the Irish Question, history of medicine and castles!
    I was annoyed at first that I was not doing regular history! Then was glad as what I learnt was fascinating(and different).
    I have always been fascinated in monarchy and found it easy to learn all the kings and queens with their dates, but most of my learning has been since university,much of it promted by films I have watched.

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    Hope you didn’t see Braveheart. Absolutely nothing in that film is true.

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    Hope you didn’t see Braveheart. Absolutely nothing in that film is true.

    Another movie in the same category is Wake Island, which was later sarcastically described by some USMC Wake Island veterans as one of the greatest fiction films ever made.

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    A tyrant, no doubt.

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