• Do you think it is better to do an German AC 15 towards Longrange Aircraft or nothing about that stuff at all? Please explain.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well, I would say not even mess with it. However, if that’s what you want then I’d go for the Aircraft Carrier. There’s no guarantee that you’re going to get the long-range aircraft and you could just buy the AC and be done with it.

  • Yeah, I tried that but if you just build an AC they block with the Russian Sub on R2 after they moved it into the UK fleet in Sea zone 2 and then they build a destroyer or an AC of there own so your subs don’t matter and slowly build up. It ends up being a waste.

  • The German Baltic navy is merely one big sinking ship (pardon the pun), and purchasing an AC is simply a futile attempt to save that sinking ship. True, investing more money into that ship (by the addition of an AC) keeps the ship afloat for a little while longer, but don’t confuse this delay with a possible denial of the ship’s inevitable fate on the bottom of the ocean’s floor.

    I say buying an AC is a relative waste because of the following reasons:

    -Numerical advantage: 2 vs. 1. UK and US are probably going to build up strong in the Atlantic and plow through to either Europe and/or Africa. Germany alone has to compete with both of these nations. 2 against 1 is not a fair fight even if 1 of the 2 nations (namely the UK) has far fewer IPCs than Germany. It’s nothing personal against Germany; you could say that a US navy in the Atlantic would be as hopeless if the UK and Germany were ganging up on the US instead.

    -Positional advantage. UK and US can easily attack the German Atlantic navy with their navy AND air force. It is much harder for the Germans to include their air force in a attack against the Allies navy. The way the map is set up any fighter on the UK can reach almost every SZ within 2 spaces and thus make it back to the UK. The same can’t be said for Germany when the Allies and holding back and building up in SZ 2 and/or 10. The positional advantage the Allies possess in the Atlantic comes from this fact that the Allies can more easily dictate WHEN this battle for Atlantic naval superiority occurs.

    It is better to strengthen your defenses where they are strong, not where they are weak. Germany is weaker in the waters than they are on the land. Germany starts the game with more armor than everyone else COMBINED. Use this to your advantage. An AC divides your forces between the waters and those already present on the land. Instead, play into Germany’s natural strength of land superiority and buy 5 infantry if defense is your goal. Supplement these infantry with armor and/or fighters if need be.

    On the flip side, however, if offense is your goal, then go for long range air craft. Since the rules of AAR allow any nation to instantly use any tech they discover, but they have to wait 1 full turn to use any unit purchases, it seems that techs have a little advantage on units in that regard. Long-range air craft on G1 allows Germany to attack UK’s fleet before they get a chance to reinforce themselves. Long-range air craft effectively reduces this Allied positional advantage in the Atlantic.

    Go for long-range air craft!

  • Ok if only 1 carrier is too weak in the baltic, BUY TWO !!!

  • I don’t know what to do as Germany. If you lose your Baltic fleet then UK has a free chance to dump a lot of bombardments and transports to any of your coastal territories at any time. You won’t be able to push into Russia with UK pincering you from the west as you try to go farther into Russia. But then again if US and UK really go after your Baltic fleet, not even buying AC or other stuff will save it. Germany’s “superior” land force isn’t enough to both push into Russia and defend against amphibious assaults from upwards of 6 locations due to the ease of which transports can reach any coastal Germany area in one turn. Russia can just keep massing infantry in Caucausus and Moscow to hole up Germany’s offensive at which time Germany would have a tough time trying to get enough tanks/inf to the offensive region as well as defend against landing UK troops anywhere along the coast.

  • I would buy subs as Germany if I wanted to bolster my navy. Aircraft carriers in the Atlantic is just a bad idea. As for the American threat, wait until after GB and Russia have fallen.

  • Subs in germany is a terrible idea because US/Brit’s bombers will decimate them. Subs do not fire back at air units!

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