• Are you attacking Holland with Germany r1?

    At first glance it feels like the obvious thing to do, 2IPC with a medium lose of 2 infantry. This means you start gaining if u still hold Holland in the end of turn 4.
    However there more to it than that since thoose 2 infantry could and should to mage to case France either 2/3 lost infantry in attack or 1 lost infantry in defense per turn.

  • but around F3, french are in Belgium pushing against germans. then germans have another territory to hold.
    should you be able to keep belgium (despite all consequences) then i suggest taking it G6, with some tanks.

  • The only neutral I attack is Switzerland for the Centrals. Persia for the allies. Don’t waste units if you don’t have to. Not to mention Holland then becomes the stepping stone for the British to invade Europe.

  • @GoSanchez6:

    The only neutral I attack is Switzerland for the Centrals.

    That just seems so wrong, I get it, but it still seems weird. Why didn’t Switz get like at least 6-10 units to defend with?

    Was wondering if anyone bothers to take Denmark? I did in the fist game I played with standard movement (1 space). It put my Germans way out of position, because of the stagnant movement OOB so it wasn’t worth it IMO. Probably would be ok if using tourney 2 space movement though. Your units could still get to the front on turn 2.

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