Defining divisions

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    Not heard of that battle, thank you.
    Will look it up later.

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    Was it Cherkasy? Or was it in the Baltic States later on?

    Cherkassy was the 5th Waffen SS Division Viking, Wittmann.

    An old friend of mine who knew a Former soldier of the Vikings told me ones:

    • And they broke out and left many behind, no one carried the wounded,…… they scraped together what they got.
      He walked along a StuG III for a while and heard somebody call his Name, Reis, Reis. He looked up and saw his old buddy from his Town and replied. What are you doing in here??


    Wittman. The 10th SS was actually surrounded in the Battle of Halbe, which was south-east of Berlin. The battle was actually considered part of the Battle of Berlin

    It wasn’t the first time they had been surrounded  😉.

    The 10th SS Panzer-Division “Frundsberg” was formed out of the 10th SS-Panzergrenadier-Division on 26. October 1943.

    Nice Choice Poloplayer15.

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    Morning Aequitas.
    I should read more about Cherkassy(thought it was 2 ss).The 5th SS would have been my choice of Division for the Eastern Front. It had a fearless reputation and contained the 3rd highest number of Knights’ Cross winners after the 2nd and 1st.

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