German navy

  • I think everyone agrees that keeping UK from going all in or close to all in, in India to the key to victory for CP and therefore forcing them to spend money on ships.

    So how do you do that? 2,1 or zero attacks in r1?

    No attacks in r1 is obviously out of the question since France will reinforce England with a BS and England can withdraw one seazone making a german r2 attack impossible cause of the extra minefield.

    One attack in r1 atleast seems better either taking out a cruiser and a transport with 2 subs (Germany loses one sub in average) or taking out the bulk of the English Navy using all of the German navy, losing in average 1sub and 1/2cruiser and 1/2battleship.
    Just doing the 2sub vs 1 crusier means preventing the 2 Canadien units to reach France r1, the navy can still just withdraw one seazone, link up with the french BS and perhaps needing 1 sub to safely defend in r2.
    Doing the all out German attack on the main English navy in r1 would leave the british in a tough spot since the Germans would have 3 subs, a damaged BS and with some luck a crusier  left. That would force the british to atleast buy 1BS+1sub r1.

    Last scenario means going for 2 attacks against the british. Germans would have (again in average) 1 sub and 1/2 BS left after the attack. The BS would be killed with the french BS though leaving the germans with only one helpless sub. The british would in this scenario only  needs to buy a transports. However when lucky using this tactic, you could have a 1sub and 1 intact BS with Germany which in that somewhat unlikely scenario the british would need to buy atleast 1BS+transports.

    In my opinion, going all out on Englands main navy r1 with everything you got is the best option.

    What do you think?

  • how about this, take out the cruiser and transport of canada and consolidate tze german fleet in seazone 4 with a 2 sub build. � have found that if you can lure the british fleet away from its mines and have them engage you in open sea it is a nasty fight for the brits ( 2 germans subs, 2 cruisers and battleship against 2 brittish cruisers and battleship). and if they dont take the bait you are in � perfect position to hit the French or british ships who are gunning for the 2 german subs (hopefully :p) of the coast of canada. either way you force the allies to help out in the atlantic wich means less ships in the med. to help out italy wich means that Austria (who should build at least a few subs) can whitle away the allies there, and less men against johny turk 😛

  • 2017 '15

    Yes but you know even they have ready a transport or 2 what they can do if you gonna leave on your territories 2/3 pieces of your troops boarding with capital.Navy strategy (with medium opponent) in this game is really difficult one.I tried with German and Austrian navy but no proper results.I think is just worth it when you want to make your opponent scared and reduce his spendings on land units.

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