• Abattlemap 1942 2nd Ed. http://axisandallies.us/422.zip - updated 12/29/2013

    Thanks to Andrew Jackson for getting the module fixed and completing the module!

  • @TMTM:

    working on the abattlemap module…

    Here is my work so far: (For Developers Only) www.axisandallies.us/secondedtion42.zip - it doesn’t works yet

    I’m having trouble getting my module to work… it crashes… any developers want to give it a try and see whats wrong with it… the zip file has the module I built plus the paint.net source file I used to make it… I don’t know what the problem is… I’m guessing maybe its my computer or is the file not saved in the right format or something… I’ve redid this module 3x step by step and still crashes.

    I have not installed Abattlemap on my computer, but I looked at the files briefly.  the Mapinfo.txt doesn’t look quite right.  if I recall I think the allied numbers are supposed to be on seperate lines, but in the file I opened everything was on one line

  • mapinfo.txt, I changed it but didn’t help

  • @TMTM:

    mapinfo.txt, I changed it but didn’t help

    hmm, I looked at the sektorinfo.bmp and nothing jumps out at me as problematic.

    I don’t think this would be an issue, but you could try using a unitstats.txt type file instead of toolpieces.txt.

    does it crash right away without even opening, or are you able to open it for a few seconds?

    is there anything in particular that leads you to believe it is the sektorinfo files?  Have you tried it without the .sek file?

    Also, is the map particularly big compared to other maps?  I’ve tried to make modules before that kept crashing… I narrowed the problem down to the size:  I could make the map size 1 pixel column less or smaller, and it would work.  one pixel column more or bigger and it wouldn’t.  Nothing I could do about it, and I’m not sure it was even bigger than the current working G40 module, but it was quite big.   You could try cutting the map into quarters and make a module out of each quadrant and see if any of them work, and if not which ones.

  • its average size… it does open for a few seconds and crashs after moving the mouse around… a few territories will show their name before crashing

  • Problem fixed!  :-D

  • Module ready! Works fine!  :mrgreen:

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