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UK first turn

  • Since UK is probably one of the most diverse Powers to play with, I was just wanted to know what your opening moves are. Usually I will buy 1 Aircraft carrier, 1 transport (or destroyer if there are any), and 1 inf. I'll transport my fighters to Kerilia, bomb Germany, and transport the extra inf. from Persia(?) to India. But besides that, not much else. What about you guys?

  • I do pretty much the same as you do.
    Buy one aircraft carrier, and a transport.
    Transport the canadian tank to UK, or use it to assist an amphibious attack on Finland/Norway, if thats possible. Also take out whatever is left in the Mediterranien. And send the tranny torwards Australia or pick up Inf from africa.

    To keep the AC, one must make sure that the US player agrees to put his fighters on the AC for protection.

    Second turn i consider building the Indian IC.

  • I prefer the Indian factory first. (depending on german african strategy and succces). So I general purchase that and save the rest, for a second turn carrier, and armors/inf for india.


  • Usually I find that Russian fighters will usually land on the carrier with UK subing their fighters to make up the differance. This gives America the added punch to counter attack at Pearl Harbor. Or should I send the fighters to Gibraltar to handle Germany's fleet? I not sure since Britain can't touch the German navy until the second turn and it seems kind of wasted to leave the fighters unprotected for a counter attack by transports.

  • I'm w/ Jondifool: I build up India as a base w/ which to block Japan 1st turn with the purchase of an IC. I will try to protect the IC with at least 1 (preferably 2) INF transported from Syria and/or Egypt. I figure I can handle the Gerry's in Africa (although this is admittedly a risk) while the USA (in a relatively protected position in East USA) can majorly help! The way I figure, SOMEBODY has to give Japan at least token resistance and as the owner of the most valuable Allied territory in East Asia at the start of the game, UK might as well be it.

    Just my $0.02.


  • But what are the Allies to do in the Atlantic? USA lacks the distance to make it particularly damaging to Germany's Western Front.



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