Global income for the UK

  • An interesting idea from the G40 Enhanced thread in which I have isolated here for further discussion.

    Global Economy for the United Kingdom
    United Kingdom economics are no longer divided between Europe and the Pacific boards. Total amount of income from all UK territories are available to be used on both boards, and the major IC in India now becomes a minor IC.

    Will this help balance the game, or does it make the Allies to powerful?

  • would the UK player still be allowed to upgrade the minor IC to a major?

  • @poloplayer15:

    would the UK player still be allowed to upgrade the minor IC to a major?


  • What could be unbalancing is UK putting a minor in Egypt (and/or Iraq) UK1, even with a sealion feign UK could still put a minor in Iraq or Egypt with little to no repercussions.
    If Germany doesn’t threaten Sealion (Or DOW Russia) G1, UK could put a minor in both Egypt and Iraq and an Airbase in Egypt, and still plop a couple INF in UK or India. (Sounds powerful)

    The thing is, in G40 enhanced this rule change is along with adding all of Canada and the 2 South African territories to ANZAC (creating the Common Wealth Dominions).
    This takes away some UK income (10IPCs), thus reducing the impact of a single UK economy, thus reducing the overall impact on game balance.

    Would just need testing.
    And speaking of, im looking at some time off work coming up, and will be testing alot of G40 enhanced out.
    And A F2F game during thanksgiving, in which id like to play atleast a preliminary version of G40 enhanced.

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