• Just wondering if the shorter playing time makes the game more accessible to players. I personally like the game, but it lacks the strategic depth to make it our most played game.
    I am referring to when the game is balanced by the 3 inf for Russia and the destroyer for the USA.

  • I played it against three different opponents when it came out and have not played it since.

  • I play it the most probably, it’s good for reasonably quick games with people who lack my own tactical thought process.

  • Don’t play it too often, but I have taught 5 or 6 new players with it. 3 of them graduated to '42 2nd edition after a game or two; this game is excellent in bringing down the AA learning curve. If someone can play 41, he can play just about anything.

    Except maybe Global.  =)

  • I bought it just to have it in my collection. Played it a few times but got bored quickly. For someone who has played A&A for a while, this game sucks IMHO. This game is for newbies to A&A.

  • This one is by far the easiest to get someone to commit to playing if they are unfamiliar with the game, or if you just want to play a quick game.  Since several people I play with have kids (I am in that club, now, too), this game provides an opportunity to get a quick “fix” before going back to changing diapers.

  • Customizer

    This is a good introduction to people new to the series. It’s also good for a short game and can be fun for a mini tournament as you can play game after game in quick succession.

    There’s also a lot to be said for house ruling and modifying this game as new players begin to increase in skill and knowledge.

    All that said this game is pretty fun depending on what you’re looking for.

  • '13

    Very nice introductory game. It is much harder to play as the allies but victory has been acheived even against experianced players.

    This is not a 5 player game though, the russian player will get out very soon and one of our games lasted 6 hours. I have plenty of fun though, like right now we had an experianced player play germany, me as the uk, my brother (also experianced) as us and our newbie as japan. We also had a guy who played russia abit till they died. Russia died horribly plus having the british army in africa was crushed by the german military despite my best efforts. However, i used part of my pacific fleet and my european fleet to crush german fleets all around. I managed with the US to land a large enough force to beat the germans from africa.

    We marched to keep india from falling and we almost did. Japan launched a huge invasion force and suffered terrible roles and lost it all. Not only that, but the american navy scored a very risky and stunning victory and destroyed the japanese navy. Had this had not happened the game would have been over. The army we had sent through to help was crushed in the middle east by the germans though who went to take india. With that gone, germany is now taking africa and is building a force to take london. However i had just destoyed a rebuilt fleet and it will be long before the germans will take it. Meanwhile america had a very close attempt on taking japan. All units were wiped out on either side and america is setting for a second attempt. After that we will take land in asia and continue the effort from there. Germanys main forces are focused in europe and africa, so hopfully we can do some harm and gain quite some land. We will finish the game tomorrow and see what happens. Germany may be favored to win but its still winnable, and its certainly been fun for the 5 hours or so we have put in. Hopfully things will go well.:)

  • it seems unrealistic to me to have anymore then two people playing this game, because it would ruin the strategy of either faction, the idea seems foolish to be talking about d day infront of the German player. Three of us tried playing once and it was a farce, some of you might say ‘well in WW2 they didnt have one mind thinking of the strategy for three countries’ and thats true but this is a board game where a beginning middle and end game have to be well coordinated.

  • Just have the opposite team leave the room?

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