SBR damaged, unrepaired and then captured ICs (1942.2)

  • I didn’t find any mention of this in the rules or in any other SBR posts, and I’ll try to make the hypothetical somewhat plausible for arguments sake.

    Let’s use the IC in India for example, if Germany were to commit to a SBR on this IC while India still belonged to GB. The GB turn comes and decides to just focus on the Atlantic/Europe front and leave the IC damage. Japan turn comes up and takes India, does the damage carry over and now Japan can decide to repair it or not? Or would it get scrubbed out when it changes ownership to the other side?

    Also, the House Rule on firing AAA’s on passer-by planes was a great mention (I can’t recall who posted that, sorry), I was thinking somewhat the same thing when I was looking through the rules, but thought guaranteed shots from AAA’s seemed a little too much (territories are big, planes are small, there’d be no guarantee a deployment of AA guns would happen to be exactly in the right spot at the right time) I was thinking maybe more like a 1/3 or a 1/2 chance that the planes/bombers happen to fly over the guns, and then the AAA’s take their shots.

  • An IC is damaged until repaired, regardless of ownership

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