Subtle Changes for Global balance

  • Here are my house rule suggestions for economic balance in Global…. it’s not much, but that’s the point.

    #1. The $5 Russian National Objective for no axis ships in the Norwegian convoy zone #125, control of Archangel, and no allied units on originally owned Russian territories has now been modified and split into 2 different National Objectives for Russia.

    Lend Lease

    • $5 National Objective for no Axis ships in the Norwegian convoy zone #125, and for control of Archangel.

    National Prestige

    • $5 National Objective for at least 1 Russian warship on the board, and no Allied units on any originally owned Russian territories

    #2. Two significant National Objectives that were dropped after Alpha +3 have now been reinstated.

    Merchant Shipping Protected
    #1. 5 IPCs for the United Kingdom if the Atlantic is free of German submarines.

    Germany controls London
    #2. 5 IPCs for Germany if they control London.

    #3. When the United States declare war, they are automatically given the War Bonds technology for free.

    Is this giving to much to the Allies?

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