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    He’ll get off again. Guilty or not.

  • i actually want to delete this poll.

    stupid . . . .

  • @cystic:

    i actually want to delete this poll.

    stupid . . . .

    I could not agree with you more. Dumb as hell. But I do have an opinion on this that I think will make people think a bit.

    His most recent pedophelia thing I have not followed. It comes on the news and I change the channel when it does. But his first one really steamed me.

    I have no idea if he was guilty or not. Who knows. But I do think the parent’s of that child should spend some time in prison. There was only 2 ways it could have been.

    Either he did it, and the parent’s prostituded thier child for the settlement they got (because God knows if I my child was ever raped a check would not settle the score). Or he didn’t do it and the whole thing was made up. Either way, prison time for the parents.

  • anybody remember the Simpsons’ episode where Michael Jackson was a fat, white mental patient who roomed with Homer? well, apparently, when the Simpsons’ producers were talking with MJ about being on the show, he initially sent the script back, saying that he (not exact quote) “didnt have enough time with Bart.” he requested his character to spend more time with Bart.

    he agreed to do the show after the script was rewritten to include this basic stranger from staying up all night alone, with Bart, in his bedroom. MJ agreed to this, apparently very excited.

    just food for thought.

  • I predict Wacko Jacko will try to do another “We are the World” type hit to help raise funds for Katrina relief out of the goodness of his heart.

    He loves childrens. You people are thinking about sex. That’s sick.

    It’s not about sex. It’s about love. It’s all about the childrens.

  • ummm . . . EJ - are you serious?

    just curious - this seems like another one of your sarcastic moments.

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