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    I’ve been advocating this 4 power split for years now.

    I would add that China should be split between Communist (USSR), Nationalist (western Allies) and Collaborationist (Japanese) forces, with only infantry ever being built in China.
    Incidentally, the “red”, & “green” Chinese can fight each other (within China) without causing war between the Western Allies and the Soviets. Similarly they can each fight the Japanese without causing war with that block.

    USSR and Japan were not at war until after Hiroshima; it could be argued that the USSR and the Axis were allies until June 1941. But there need be no official alliances between the 4 blocks. Maybe something to prevent a 3 on 1 ganging up? Also, a power cannot call off a war with another block once fighting has started; it is still always a fight to the finish.

    Two parties can always call an agreed upon truce.  Or you could call and agree to limited wars.  (I will only fight your troops in these territories,  and you can fight mine in them, if it spills over there are repurcussions).  Global 39 has a proxy war over finland that is cause for entertainment.

    As for 3 ganging up on 1, it doesn’t happen,  because chances are that 1/3 will become so powerful, that 2/3 and 3/3 will want to prevent 1/1 from being eliminated to keep the balance of power.

    FFA games, tend to balance themselves to a degree.  The only requirement is that you impost a time limit (20 turns)  so as to force players to fight, hungergames style.

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    If you allow 2 powers to call a truce, isn’t there a danger it will just become a game of gang up on the leader to stop any one player becoming too powerful?

    Stalin toyed with the idea of an armistice with Hitler at one point, but the nature of the regimes involved was such that its really unhistorical.

    Also needed:

    If A is at war with B and C then B & C cannot declare war on each other until A is eliminated.

    So that, for example, if the Western Allies had sent troops to fight the Soviets in Finland (which very nearly happened) then Germany would not be allowed to attack Russia (or visa versa) until the Western Allies had been defeated.

    You can easily improvise Chinese pieces; you really only need infantry for the Communists (Russian pieces from another version). For collaborationists just treat them like any other Japanese infantry piece once placed.

    Treating China as a united country makes it more of a problem for the Japanese than it really was; but if only infantry can be raised then of course the warfare is pretty static as it should be.

  • This is not meant to be FFA, neither would I have any interest in FFA
    Allies and Russia vs Euro Axis and Japan

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