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Oztea AA Balance

  • So the Allies are a bit behind in this game as it stands, and talk has been made of giving them a bid, a process I dislike.
    So instead I offer the following addition for the allies: Each allied power gets 2 more AA guns. Since these units are purely defenisve in nature, it slows down the axis a tad, without giving the allies more firepower. Place them as follows

    Soviet Union
    Karellia S.S.R.

    United Kingdom
    Eastern Australia

    United States

  • Interesting. I’ll have to give this a shot next time we play. I don’t see the Haw or E. Aus making a huge impact, but the other 4 could conceivably help the defense of Moscow. Or India, even.

  • The Hawaii one just adds another hit for later in the game if Japan tries to take Hawaii, same with E. Australia

    I just thought it was easy to just add 2 per power. And AA guns are just defense.
    I think Egypt might become too much of a hurdle for Germany with an AA gun though.

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