Our play balance/realism/fun home rules - looking for feedback.

  • I’m interested in forum perspective on the home rules we’re using.  We use the oob rulebook and set up with the following modifications.  Reasons for each are in []'s:

    1. America can’t load transports or put land/air units in Canada until they enter the war.  [This is to slow America down a bit and for historical accuracy.]
    2. Switzerland can’t be attacked. [Historical accuracy mainly.]
    3. Economic exhaustion [explain is below].  If at the end of your turn if enough of your home territories are conquered or contested then your income is cut in half (drop all fractions):

    For example if Picardy, Lorraine, Burgundy, and Marseilles are conquered or contested at the end of France’s turn their income is cut in half.
    4. If a neutral colony is attacked the neutral joins the opposing alliance.  Units are placed on their capital per the normal rules.  Ex. If Spanish Morocco is attacked, Spain joins the other side and places 7inf and 1art in Spain of the nationality chosen by the other side. [Maybe this is just a rule clarification.  Regardless the reason is for reality.]
    5.  We don’t use the Russian Revolution.
    6.  We don’t use Political Exhaustion or any of the other tournament rules.  We use oob plus what is documented here only.

    Regarding economic exhaustion the idea is to maintain the rule book land units one territory per turn movement rate while making it more practical to conquer a far away capital (without having to resort to political exhaustion), remove the Russia first formula, and create more interesting tactical choices beyond just saving the capital.

    If this post gets any kind of reaction I’ll document play results.  For us the fun factor has definitely increased over oob and tournament formats.

    I really like this game and would love to see a set of rules evolve that doesn’t require the abbreviated tournament structure and has more balance without requiring a formula!

  • I think it was already put in the OOB FAQ that the US can’t move to Canada before they are at war.

  • Thanks for sharing.  I’m always interested in new ways to improve this game while keeping it simple enough for a first or second time player to understand.  The CP’s are certainly in need of help.  But that help must not come at the expense of game play balance or time.  Most of my friends and family that I convince to play with me get “worn out” after a few hours.  We have waited so long for a A&A WWI game and now we finally have one, we just need to tweak it a little more to make it work the best.

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