Axis & Allies Revised or Original

  • Hey ive posted this exact same poll on the “Axis and Allies” forum also so it is fair! Please vote and let me know which on you think is the better. Please explain why


    May the dice be with you!

  • I’d say that the ORIGINAL is preferable over the latest, as the QUALITY in this (M.B.) version is somewhat better. At least they gave you Storage containers, while they didn’t arbitrarily create ‘dead spaces’ which shouldn’t EVEN be applicable in a ‘Global’ situation as depicted with this. Yes, the ‘neat-0’ bits are an improvement in the '04 version, but that’s about it since they have those ridiculous 'N.A.'s, while the inclusion of ‘Destroyers’ & ‘Artillery’ are questionable as once again, they really shouldn 't be depicted AT this ‘level’. Taking away the ability of ‘Invading Neutrals’ is just downright STUPID, as that is just WHAT the ‘Axis’ were GOOD at, while redrawing the ‘Gamemap’ has led to some ‘anomalies’ which weren’t and shouldn’t have BEEN included with this. You shouldn’t be able to sail NORTH of Alaska and Invade Canada from there! I’m sure it could have been ‘done’ as long as extensive preparations were made for this, but it would be too impracticable or should COST exhorbitantly to do it. As for ‘shorting’ certain Nations in certain ‘pieces’, since that was IDIOTIC as well and I didn’t care for its current ‘looks’ either, amongst others that FEEL the same ‘way’.

    P.S.-it IS a well known ‘fact’ that I am biased against the ‘Reviled’ version and for JUST these ‘reasons’, and many more, so take THAT into account too.

  • 2007 AAR League

    My vote was for the original, just cause it’s for the original and you can’t beat that, lol.

  • I enjoy Revision more.

    More territories on the Eastern Front open up the game and the Pacific can actually be its own ‘theatre’ if the Allies wish to go after the Japanese. The game is more balanced, that is for sure. I think Germany’s economy should be a little better but oh well.

  • Revised edition is much better. Except for neutral countries…we should be able to invade them as the axis.

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