• Do most of abortion doctors think of themselves as good guys?

    I can’t argue with you whether they do or not, the only way to know this would be to make a survey and ask them. But I would like to know what you think, they think.

  • I am a pro-life physician. Having said that i think nearly every physician thinks of him/herself as a “good guy”.
    I think that abortion physicians do not think of the tissue that they are removing as a human being. I’m sure they honestly believe that they are doing this in the woman’s best interests.
    One of the problems in this debate is that relevant clinical research is often ignored when it comes to the short and long term harms to the woman. The research is often politicized and therefore invalid.

    One girl i dated was a HUGE pro-choice advocate (did her masters thesis on it). When i mentioned that the American Paediatric Association considered a fetus to be a human, she replied that this was “a political statement”. Both sides discount each other with this kind of statement.

  • I am Pro Choice and I think of myself as a good guy. Why would they be different. 😉

  • No offense, man but this is not a very sensible question.

    It’s like asking “did the fireman think he was a good person because he couldn’t make it in time to save a kitten out of a hole?”

    I mean, I see what you are getting at but perhaps you should word the question differently.

  • yes…bad wording…I would say that the doctor is doing his job…he doesn’t feel like a “hero”…and I doubt that there are doctors who are pro life that do this procedure…so my guess is that they do…but I put no in the poll…don’t know why…

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Well, the doctor that saves the life of the mother at the expense of the child would be considered a hero. The mother go on to live a full life, whereas the child has many more risks to death before the age of two (SIDS, Bad Infections, Accidents, Viruses, whatever. Adults just arnt as prone to death as children.) So there are times when an abortion may be required and not necessarily be a choice.

    The doctor that takes the lives of babies because it is an inconvenience, on the other hand, I do not consider heros and many people around the world do not consider them to be heros.

    But, the question was, do they think of themselves as “the good guy”? Sure. As I said with Ossama, you don’t do things that you think would make you the “bad guy”, you do things that, in your mind, are “right.”

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