Which destroyer rules do you prefer?

  • Which of the destroyer/submarine rules do you like best, out of Pacific/Europe and the new A&A Revised versions?

    In A&A Pacific/Europe, airplanes can only attack subs if a friendly destroyer is present, and if a sub is attacking and there’s a defending destroyer, the sub does NOT get its first-strike shot. Subs are still allowed to submerge/withdraw even if an enemy destroyer is present.

    However, in A&A Revised, airplanes CAN attack subs if there isn’t a friendly destroyer present. Subs still lose their first-strike shot if they’re attacking a group that includes a destroyer. Also, if a destroyer is present, enemy subs cannot submerge (withdraw).

    The only difference between submarines in the Europe/Pacific versions and the Revised version is that in Revised, defending submarines ALSO get a first-strike shot.

    Which of the rules do you like best? What do you like or dislike? And is there a different set of rules for destroyers that you use?

  • Well to me subs have never been a giant threat. Then again, I have not gone against too many people who utilized them well enough for me to worry. But since one of the purposes of the destroyer was to hunt subs the rule of having a destroyer present for air attacks makes sense to me. Plus it makes the subs and destroyers each a tad more valuable to use.

    To make a board game as authentic to real life as possible is kind of like taking a single frame from a movie. You won’t cover everything but you can at least get the gist of it. 😉

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